What to Wear When Going on Nature Trips with Your Family

By Mommy Donna and Kib - November 26, 2021

Exposing our kids to the wonders of nature is a healthy activity. They can breathe fresh air, appreciate God's creation, and to see more green. They say that color green is refreshing to the eyes.

Apart from appreciating the wonders of God's creation, going on nature trips with your kids can also teach them valuable life lessons. They can learn how to take care of the environment, to learn about survival tips, to learn about different plant and animal species, to have good physical health, among others.

However, please take note that going on a nature trip is not a glamorous activity. Expect to get dirty and to climb and crawl in an awkward manner. It is very important that you are wearing comfortable attire. 

Here are some tips for you on what to wear and what to bring when you go on a nature trip with your family:

1. Shirt--must be cotton or dri-fit, brightly colored, optional to wear long sleeves for extra protection. Wearing brightly-colored shirts on nature trips can help rescuers to easily locate lost hikers. They do not camouflage with the environment.

2. Bottom--dark color, can be leggings, jogging pants, or shorts, but if you wear shorts, make sure that you avoid things that would leave a scratch on your legs.

3. Footwear--hiking sandals, rubber shoes with tread (trail running or cross-training), or hiking shoes. These shoes are really built for nature hiking, have a better grip on rough, muddy, and mossy surfaces. Sandals, slip-ons, and leather shoes are not made for hiking. 

4. Bag--backpacks or beltbags are ideal because they will make your hands free. Crossbody bags can also be okay, but the distribution of weight is unequal, plus the straps might get caught on branches and rocks.

Of course, don't forget to bring water and some crackers and candies because going on a nature trip can really be tiring. You can also bring a towel to swipe off the sweat and changing clothes.

I encourage families to expose their kids to nature than going to malls to shop and play in arcades! 

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