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By Mommy Donna and Kib - September 12, 2021

 Who likes playing card games? I do!

Even before I started playing card games on the computer, my family has been playing card games as our bonding activity. My mom also taught me some card games that I can play on my own. Generally speaking, all card games that you can play alone is called Solitaire. There are other solitary games, but they all fall on the same category since it's played alone.

When Microsoft introduced a new operating system in mid-1990s, it had Solitaire as one of its built-in games. I also got addicted playing Solitaire on the computer even when I'm at the office during breaks. Despite having Solitare on the computer, I still play the card version of Solitaire because computer games were not popular then.

I forgot about playing Solitaire when online and mobile games became more and more popular.

When I learned about, I got excited. My love for playing card games was rekindled. I immediately checked the site, and indeed, it contained all the classic and popular Solitaire games. It has the original Solitaire, Klondike, Pyramid, Spider, Free Cell, Tripeaks, and Golf Solitaires. I have forgotten to play some of them, thankfully, the website has a guide for each game. Surprisingly, the creators of this website also made an effort to do research about the origin of each Solitaire game!

Apart from the different Solitaire games at, the classic Mahjong game is also available. Instead of having the classic Mahjong tiles and characters, it had carnival-theme tiles. 

And oh, has not only the classic card games, but it has also other popular games like hidden object games, match 3 games, other card games, and other popular online games such as Pac-man! These other games cannot be seen easily on the website; you have to scroll down to reach the bottom part of the webpage to see the hyperlinks to the other games.

If you will ask me which is my favorite among all the games I tried at, I'll rank it from my most favorite (1) to least favorite (5):

1. Mahjong--it's a no-brainer game! You simply have to find a matching tile and clear the board. It's a perfect game to kill time.

2. Classic Solitaire--yes, I still love it until now, no doubt about it.

3. Pyramid--it's a simple addition game, just pair two cards that will add up to 13.

4. Tripeaks--this is the first time I played it, but I immediately fell in love with it because it's similar to Uno.

5. Word Search--this game develops my eye for detail. I won't get tired of playing this game, even in my old age.

Now that I've discovered this site, I will bookmark it so that I can go back any time I want to play! I'll introduce Kib to these games so that he will learn the classic classic card games. I'll also teach him to play Solitaire using the real playing cards too!

I am also inviting my readers to head on to and play these classic games. These are kid-friendly games too, so introduce these games to your kids too!

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