How To Know Your Main in Video Games (by Kib)

By JJ Nakamura - September 27, 2021

  When you saw the title for this entry, you might think that this entry might fit better in my blog. Well yes, it does. But since I've been writing a lot about video games here, I might as well make another entry on one.

So in this entry, I'll be teaching you what character you want to main when playing any video game that has multiple characters (i.e. shooters, kart racers, and fighting games).

Option 1. Personality

Pick a few characters that you think are cool and identify with your personality the most. Strangely enough, when using this option, this makes you a better player in the game you're playing if you were to pick a "better" character than the one you didn't like. That means if you loved the character you were playing as you might be spending a lot of time on it, be less of a sore loser, and be more satisfied when you end up winning a match. This option tends to work for a lot of players, but if you think this method doesn't work for you, let's head on to the second option.

Option 2. Playstyle

Pick a few characters that fit with how you naturally play the game. For example, in shooting games, there are characters who are designed for a flanking playstyle. They are called "Flankers" (such as Scout and Pyro from Team Fortress 2). And in fighting games, you have characters who are designed to do relentless, high DPS combos on their enemy. These types of characters are called "Rushdowns" (such as Lee Chaolan and Hwoarang from Tekken). To be honest I use both this and option 1 when picking out my mains since I wanted characters that are fast, strong, and awfully cool.

If you want to play as a stronger (but either harder or easier to play as), then let's move on to the next method to pick out your main.

Option 3. M.E.T.A. (Most Effective Tactics Available)

This term is used by gamers to describe the most overpowered characters in the games they are playing, hence why things such as tier lists are made to rank characters from strongest to weakest depending on their designated playstyle. If you think this option is right for you, pick out a few characters that are the strongest according to public tier lists. They might be hard or easy for you to play as, but with a little practice, you might end up being a god-tier player.

That's all I have to write, for now, everyone! See you in the next entry! -Kib

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