Things I Look For In A Good Customer Service

By Mommy Donna and Kib - August 19, 2021

It is a fact that all of us had experienced bad customer service. I also had my share of bad customer service experiences that made me never go back to the store or establishment. 

I had been exposed to different cultures because of our travels and my encounters with foreigners, that was why my expectations with regards to customer service were high. Moreover, I also read and learned from the stories of people about their good and bad customer service experiences. I was able to set my own standards with regard to customer service.

In the Philippines, I commend several companies for providing the best customer service to their customers/clients. I am loyal to those companies that can truly understand the needs of their clients. To be honest, I am sometimes can be demanding but still, I have high praises for those who can pacify and address my concerns despite my difficult behavior. 

To name some, here are some of the companies that I like because of their good and efficient customer service. I am naming these companies based on my experience, so if you have a horrific experience from the companies I mentioned, I respect that.

1. Toyota

2. BPI/BPI Family Bank

3. Security Bank

4. Shangri-la Hotel

5. Sky Cable

6. Uniqlo

7. H&M

8. Japan Airlines

9. Power Mac Center

There were also some SMEs that also provide good customer service. One time, I ordered a dessert in one of the small food businesses in our village and I said that there was a staple wire. Without probing further, the seller sent me a new tub of dessert the following day. I also became a loyal customer in some of the small food businesses in our village that they are already giving in to my special requests (e.g. extra soup, etc.)

Sadly, there were also SMEs who do not put so much value on customer service. They feel that they will lose profit if they will go beyond the client's expectations.

As an online business owner, I also provide the best customer service to my customers. I want them to feel that their money is well-spent on my products. Moreover, I also make them feel that they are heard and their requests are granted. I give recommendations to my customers regarding their request, if they are feasible or not.

Good customer service establishes customer loyalty. When a customer is loyal to a company, that person will always say good things about it and would even refer friends. Good customer service is a win-win situation for both the client and the company.

Recently, I encountered a bad customer experience. I won't name what institution anymore as I also do not want to be in trouble. I was called "masungit" by the representative because I didn't give the person an opportunity to talk at all (hell yeah, I really am "masungit" and I won't apologize for that), didn't listen to my needs (I SPECIFICALLY asked for someone to talk with but I was redirected to a different person instead), and even dared to talk to another person higher than me in our company (excuse me, I'm the boss). 

Anyway, I'll share with you my standards as a client in customer service. 

1. Regards children as customers. This is very important to me as I also let Kib transact on my behalf. I like it when store clerks/agents/staff regard him as a client too. They listen to Kib and never ask for an adult to talk with. I frown on people who do not respect my son's requests and needs especially when he was younger.

2. Listens to the needs of the customers. There are customers who know what they want and need. Before offering an alternative, give what the customer is asking for. Customers can have specific needs, so immediately offering an alternative will definitely irritate the customer. Give what the customer needs first and after realizing that it is not what he/she is looking for, then provide an alternative.

3. Offers products that are suited to the needs of the customers. There are customers who are clueless about what they want or need. Good customer service will ask leading questions to help the customer identify what he/she needs. Good customer service will not hard-sell any products to make the customer feel that he/she needs them. Good customer service will only provide for the specific needs of the customer.

4. Provides assistance all the time even if it is out of his/her league. Good customer service will go the extra mile to make the customer happy. Even if the staff won't answer the customer's needs, he/she will still be glad to offer help to the customer and not leave the customer hanging until another individual assists him/her

5. Respects customers regardless of rank, position, or status. Good customer service will give respect to all kinds of customers without looking at his/her socio-economic status, fashion style, position, nationality, gender, age, culture, etc. Good customer service will be the same to all kinds of people.

6. Does not hard sell their products. Good customer service may also upsell or cross-sell some of their products, but they won't push the client to avail of the product. They may introduce the product and make a follow-up, but won't let the client feel pressured to purchase or subscribe. If that happens, you might lose the client once the subscription has ended.

7. Treats customers like a royalty. Well of course, the statement is a bit exaggerated, but what I mean is that a good customer service makes the clients feel that they are very special. The clients are immediately given a seat, offered a drink, or other ways to make their time valuable. Good customer service do not make their clients wait for no reason. They give specific timeframe or if they need to extend, they immediately give heads-up to the clients.

There you go! These are the things that I look for with regards to good customer service. What about you, what else do you look for in a good customer service?

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