Brand New vs. Secondhand Car: Which is Better?

By Mommy Donna and Kib - August 07, 2021

Aside from owning a house and a lot, people are also dreaming of having their own car. 

In my case, I was forced to drive when my father got sick. My brothers were living in the United States and my mom wasn't confident to drive. My father didn't let me attend driving school before, so there's no choice but to learn how to drive.

I first drove a manual transmission vehicle, our Toyota Lite Ace.

Later on, our van was showing signs that it needed to retire already. We've spent thousands of pesos on the repairs. My Tito took pity on me and gave me the secondhand car (a Mitsubishi Lancer) he was using while he was in the Philippines. He bought another secondhand car (a Honda Civic) for himself.

Later on, the car that I was using was again, showing signs that it wanted to retire already. Prior to that, I was praying to the Lord to give me a later model of a secondhand car. I'm not really praying for a brand-new car as I was afraid of the responsibility and I'm not sure that I could be approved for an auto loan. 

The Lord is generous; someone from the bank has called me to tell me that I have a pre-approved auto loan! I'll be finished paying for the car this year and I'm thankful to the Lord for providing me the money to pay for the amortization.

My Tito, on the other hand, also bought a brand-new vehicle, an SUV. The Honda Civic was sold only last year.

So, I have both experience driving a secondhand car and a brand-new car. Let me tell you my thoughts on which you should consider when you want to have your own car.

Some people say that they prefer a secondhand car because of the depreciation cost of the cars. Once the brand-new car drives out of the dealership, it immediately depreciates. 

Others will say that driving a brand-new car is better because of the performance and insurance. Second-hand cars older than five years old have more expensive comprehensive insurance compared with brand-new cars.

Basically, I didn't buy my first car. It was given to me. But when I experienced driving a brand-new car, I was able to see the difference in terms of handling and performance.

Going back to the question, if budget is not a concern, will you go for a secondhand car or a brand-new car?

I'd say GO FOR THE BRAND NEW CAR. You will be assured of the warranty, the performance, and the technology.

Buy a secondhand car IF you will pay for it in FULL. DO NOT get a secondhand car and apply for an auto loan. Secondhand cars do not have a warranty. Brand-new cars have warranties, the length of coverage depends on the model and the car brand. 

Get a secondhand car from someone you know. Buying a secondhand car from dealerships has some risks involved, as you don't know the history of the car. There are some dealerships too that are into shady business transactions; they tend to 'cheat' on some parts of the vehicle.

Get a secondhand car if it is less than five years old. Well, it's still okay to get cars that are more than five years old, but you really have to know the history of the vehicle. Ask all the questions that you have from the seller, on how the seller takes care of the vehicle.

Get a secondhand car if you are not confident in your driving skills. If you think that you will be careless in driving, develop your driving skills first in driving a secondhand vehicle. 

Whatever you choose, either a brand-new car or a second-hand car, as long as you're happy with your decision, go for it! Make sure that you have weighed all the pros and cons, but then again, aim for a brand-new car as much as possible. Pray to the Lord to give you the wisdom in deciding which is more beneficial for you and your family. 

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