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By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 01, 2021

 Kib and I love playing computer games. I was exposed to playing computer games in the 80s and 90s. My cousin had an Atari console, so we usually played Pac-Man and Space Invaders. Later on, my uncle gifted us with a Nintendo Entertainment System where we enjoyed playing Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, Tetris, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Punch-Out, Duck Hunt, Contra, Gradius, among others. 

Later on, when desktop computers started to gain popularity for home use, I got hooked on playing installed games on our computers, like Solitaire, Minecraft, and Prince of Persia. My brothers, on the other hand, like playing Warcraft, Doom, Star Wars, and other shooting games.

I started exposing Kib to computer games when he was five years old because his uncle gave him PSP. He was also given a tablet and a Playstation. When he was younger, I limit his exposure to computers because I wanted him to be more focused on reading and studies. He only started to be really hooked on playing computer games when he was 13 years old. 

Now that he has a laptop on his own, he explores a lot of computer games online. He loves playing Fortnite, Team Fortress, Friday Night Funkin, among others. On the other hand, I love playing games on my mobile phone. I love playing searching games, word games, puzzles, among others.

Kib and I only play free games because we wanted to save money.

Later on, I came across a website called, a free online gaming site where most of the games are in 2D format. It has more than 100 free games ranging from simulation games, word games, typing games, etc. It made me feel nostalgic because this is the format of computer games when I was young.

Kib and I tried playing some of the games on this website, and yes, we had both fun!

Here are our favorites:

Tap Supermarket 

Kib said: It's one of the only games on the site which fits my standard since it's similar to the "Tap Tycoon" game. The main objective is to restock the shelves as customers buy the items on each shelf while simultaneously earn money to buy new shelves. This game can be found in the Simulation Games section.

I said: Very easy! It has a therapeutic effect for me because you only refill the empty shelves and assist in the checking out of the customers. As you grow your supermarket, more and more shelves need to be refilled every time it gets empty.

Fight Virus

Kib said: It is one of the several games on that fits my standard. It is similar to Tap Supermarket, except at this time, you'll have to tap more items. The player must tap the viruses to prevent their spread and also tap other rooms of the hospital the patients are playing. It can also be found in the Simulation Games section.

I said: It's more challenging than Tap Supermarket. It is also very timely as you need to fight the virus and cure people. You have to keep the virus level inside the hospital at a minimum level while tapping patients to go to different sections of the hospital to get cured.

Kib said: It's a game where you control the arrows that control the mouse in an endless game. For me, it's a boring game, but it's worth playing if you simply wanted to kill time.

I said: It's another easy game! At first, I don't know how to change the directions, but as soon as I am able to get the rhythm, it was easy-peasy! Make sure that you change the direction of the arrows before the mouse gets into that arrow.

Kib said: It's a simple "pull the pin" game that uses the Among Us astronauts as its main subjects. It's very entertaining and therapeutic by my standards. I will not get tired of playing it over and over again.

I said: I have already heard about Among Us and I'm so glad that has its own version of it! It's a very easy game, the red character must avoid and kill the blue characters by solving puzzles on each level. On easier levels, the red character must get the gems.

Kib said: It's a maze game where you need to guide a dot to get from Point A to Point B. It's hard to play on the computer, but easier to play on mobile or tablet.

I said: If you love mazes, this is perfect for you! It is a time-pressure game that you need to solve a maze in a given time period. You can choose from Easy, Medium, or Hard mazes. I have tried the Easy and Medium mazes, and yes, beating the time is very hard!

Kib said: It's an HTML 5 version of the mobile puzzle game of the same game. The game's basic premise is to assassinate enemies by letting the bullet ricochet on walls and barricades. The game is best played by downloading the game.

I said: It's a fun shooting game similar to Angry Birds! It's a game that needs physics skills as you need to angle the gun in a specific way to shoot all the enemies.

Kib said: It's a 3D tangram game where you connect shapes together to make another shape like a car, a cat, or a boat. I used to have a tangram game and it was really challenging. I highly recommend that you also play this game.

I said: Tangram is a classic! It stretches your mind on how to solve puzzles by turning basic shapes to form an image. It also has a therapeutic effect.

He said: It's an HTML 5 version of the mobile arcade game of the same name. It's similar to the bottle flip challenge, but this time, it's a gun. The goal is to endlessly flip the gun with the use of its recoil while collecting coins. This is better played on a mobile phone.

I said: This is a very short shooting game. You can finish the game in ten seconds and play it over and over again to gain coins. Shoot coins and do not let the gun fall on the ground. 

He said: It's a puzzle game that involves painting houses. This is also a mobile game and I think this is better played on that device.

I said: This is a perfect game for very young kids! Simply paint the whole house and you're done! The objective is to paint the house in the least possible time to have more earnings.

Kib said: There are various types of typing games that you can explore on which can use to practice your typing skills and improve your accuracy and speed. I also play those games because I want to improve my typing skills and memorize the placing of the keys on the keyboard.

I said: I also like typing games! It helps me to practice my fingers in typing. There are lots of typing games on that you can choose from.

What I like about is that you can play the games there using your tablet, mobile phone, laptop, or desktop! There are games, though, that are best played using a mouse and not a trackpad or by using the swiping feature of the mobile phone and tablet. has different games that interest you and your kids. Moreover, new games are introduced regularly, so check the website every now and then to be updated.

Start exploring together with your kids today!

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