Why Making 3D Art Is Fun For Me (by Kib)

By JJ Nakamura - May 13, 2021

 Recently, upon the request of my mom, I decided to try to pick up a new hobby, since I've been doing a lot of gaming. So, I decided to pick up art again! But, it's a different form of art! I'm doing 3D art, everybody!


As you can see here, this poster I made is one of my first 3D posters I have ever made. The program I use for my posters is Source Film Maker (abbreviated as SFM). What is SFM, you may ask? To put it simply, it's a 3D computer graphics software used to make animated films and 3D posters used by Valve, the videogame developer team behind games such as Half-Life, Portal, Left 4 Dead, and Team Fortress 2! 

So far, at this stage, I haven't even mastered the program at this point, which is obvious. You can notice some minor discrepancies, such as objects merging into each other and unnecessary motion blur. But I promise you, the next few ones will be better!

Now, for my second poster, I have added some lighting, which looks a bit better than my first poster, or probably worse. Though, I still haven't solved the problem with the motion blur yet. And as you can also see, my lighting looks pretty beginner tier, since there's no backlight.

And then here's my 4th poster (skipped the third, since it's basically just the same as the last two). As you can see, it would look like that this may be one of my greatest pieces yet, because of the lighting arrangement! This is also one of my favorite pieces since it looks so awesome!

Anyway, the next few panels will feature all of my latest pieces! Please share your thoughts on them!

By the way, I'm also thinking of trying Blender next, since I already have the app installed. And before I forget, I'm also doing commissions, so if you want me to make something for you, just click here to be redirected to my Twitter for more. Anyway, see you next blog, everyone! I hope you enjoy the art pieces I've made! -Kib

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