Video Games You and Your Child Can Play Together During Quarantine (by Kib)

By JJ Nakamura - May 02, 2021

  Attention, all gamer mommies and daddies! Want to spend quality time with your child by doing something you love during quarantine? Then wait no further, as I have a few suggestions for you gamer parents to play this quarantine!

Fighting Games

 Despite fighting games being commonly played competitively, it's good to just relax for a while and play a casual match with your child or a friend once in a while, A good game for this kind of activity is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as it's E for Everyone rating and a large roster of fun characters is enough to please your child. Just be sure to not let them be a sore winner or sore loser.

Racing Games

 If fighting games aren't your taste, why not give racing games a try? If you want something appropriate for your bundle of joy that is action-filled fun for the whole family, why not give this arcade racer series called "Mario Kart" a try? Me and my mom used to play that a lot on the Wii when I was young!
 Or, if your kid wants something filled with action-packed destruction while keeping that arcade racer aesthetic, give the Burnout franchise a try! It's fun to play when you're bored, due to the highly detailed destruction models and high-velocity chaos!
 But, if you're kid is experienced enough and want to play something chill, try playing a racing simulator like the Gran Turismo series. After all, it IS the real driving simulator.

Open-World Survival/RPGs

 I have another chill suggestion for you guys. If you gamer parents have a PS4 or an Xbox lying around, try letting them play Minecraft. Not only is the game's fun-filled graphics and entertaining mechanics are appropriate for your child, but the console and mobile versions of the game allow local multiplayer! I would suggest giving Minecraft a try, because playing it together with my friends was really entertaining!

Sports Games

 If you and your family are into sports, why not give sports games a try to keep you and your kids entertained? I would suggest playing the NBA series of video games, as not only are they popular, but they provide fun for everyone! And besides, it is fun to play if you don't have access to a basketball court at the moment.

 Well, that's all for now, guys! If this helped you gamer parents out, no need to thank me, as I'm glad that you and your kids are having fun. Bye for now!

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