Be a Wise Spender! Tips on Not to Become a "Barat" Person

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 16, 2021

I have been hearing a lot of stories online about people not paying the right amount to their seller or supplier. Moreover, they acted like a brat when they deal with them. They have demanded so much from the seller or supplier that they feel that they have only done the right thing because they're the customer.

As an online seller myself, I feel sorry for the sellers because they only wanted to make a living. For sure, these sellers are not asking for so much as profit. The price tag that they have put has been well-thought of: the cost of the raw materials, the time spent for creating the product, the labor, transportation, and other expenses related to the production. 

Sadly, some buyers/clients do not put into consideration the labor cost when they ask for discounts. Worse, they even ask for MORE discount after they have been favored already by the seller/supplier.


Yes, I have to emphasize it.

While yes, we feel blessed as a customer that the seller/supplier has given us a favor by giving us discounts or additional perks, but if you ask for more, that is already what you call abuse.

People will also argue that they are on a budget. Yes, it's okay to work on your budget, but do not pressure your seller/supplier to work on your budget.

The Bible is teaching us to pay fairly, to give what is due and the rightful amount. There are actually lots of Bible verses that remind us about paying fairly, even during the Old Testament times. Paying fairly is not simply the right thing to do, but it is our way of blessing the works of others.

Another thing, people who are bragging about the "best deal" that they got by asking for a huge discount isn't actually being thrifty; it is called being greedy or stingy. 

Being stingy and thrifty are two different things: a thrifty person will only buy the things that he/she can afford, while a stingy person will try to fit his/her budget on the item he/she likes to purchase by pressuring the seller/supplier to give him/her the best price possible. The analogy that I always use to illustrate the difference between the two is that a thrifty person will buy at SM because that is what he/she can afford, while a stingy person will go to Rustan's to buy something and pressure the sales clerk to give him/her a huge discount.

So, are you thrifty or stingy?

Being a wise spender means that you buy within your means. Being a wise spender also thinks of the quality and not just the price of something. Being a wise spender also means treating sellers/suppliers with respect.

Here are two tips for you to be a wise spender and not a "barat" spender:

Be thankful for the discount given to you. Do not ask for an additional discount. Sellers/clients can also be generous in giving discounts, especially that if you're buying in bulk. The discount given depends on the quantity, so be grateful for the amount deducted from your bill regardless of the amount. 

Work on your budget. Do not let others work around your budget. If you want something but can't afford it, do not put pressure on the seller/supplier to give in to your budget. If you cannot afford your prospective seller/supplier, then look for another one that can work on your budget instead. Do not be bitter about the seller/supplier who cannot work on your budget. 

The best way to be fair is to price the price without asking for any discount. These people are working hard and the profit they make maybe only enough for them to survive on a daily basis. Remember, God blesses those who pay accordingly. As mentioned in Proverbs 3:27, "Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it," this Bible verse reminds us to pay what is due and not to even ask for a discount. If you pay accordingly, you also bless the person and his/her business.

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