Pantene Features Women with Great Hair Days Stories

By Mommy Donna and Kib - April 22, 2021

Women regard their hair as their crowning glory, that is why they put a budget for hair care. They go to salons for their regular hair treatment, get a haircut to maintain the shape of their hair, and even buying the best hair care brands.

Pantene is one of the leading brands in hair care. It has different varieties to address every woman's hair needs. Pantene has maintained a good reputation worldwide because it stayed true to its promise of keeping every woman's hair stronger, longer, and smoother.

Pantene has recently launched a new line, Long Hair Solutions. It has Pro-Vitamin Formula and Japanese Rice Oil Essence. The new product will help every woman's hair to grow longer with Tocotrienol (from the Vitamin E family). Tocotrienol has 50 times more anti-damaging benefits while the Japanese Rice Oil Essence fortifies the hair. Furthermore, it repairs damaged hair and protects us from harmful elements whenever we go outside our homes. 

Pantene Long Hair Solutions shampoo is best partnered with Pantene Hair Fall Control Miracle Conditioner. The Hair Fall Control Miracle Conditioner guarantees a 98% less hair fall. 

Learn more about the Great Hair Days Stories of Pinky Webb, Anne Curtis-Smith, Gabbi Garcia, Kylie Versoza, and Sofia Andres on Instagram! Check out the hashtags #PantenePH, #Salontastic, #pantenesalontasticcollection to know more about their stories.

To purchase Pantene, you may visit Procter and Gamble's online store at Shopee.

Are you ready to join me with my latest hair journey?

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