My Wolvit Biotin Journey

By Mommy Donna and Kib - April 18, 2021

They say that the hair is the crowning glory of women. Some women put so much importance on hair care. They have regular salon appointments to maintain the health of their hair. 

On the other hand, some women put a budget on getting their nails done. They schedule a regular mani-pedi appointment with their favorite manicurist. 


I splurge more on skincare than on hair care or nail care. I put more value on my skin than my nails and hair because I think they are important.

I was wrong.

As I grow old, I notice that I start to have hair and nail problems. I have a falling hair problem and a dry scalp. My nails, well, they're not so brittle, but sometimes they break especially if I grow them very long.

One of the reasons that I can think of having a falling hair problem is stress. As a single mom, I have lots of things on my plate. Whenever I feel stressed, my falling hair problem gets worse.

Moreover, my mom, who is in her 70s, starts to have thinning hair problem. I've noticed that her hair was thinning the last time she went to the Philippines for vacation. I also got worried about her thinning hair as it might be a cause of her insecurity due to old age.

However, I discovered something recently that would help in reviving the health of my nails and hair.


What is Biotin? Biotin is a vitamin that belongs to the B complex vitamins group (B7). Biotin is also known as vitamin H. Biotin helps in converting food into energy and it also helps in maintaining glossy hair, glowing skin, and strong nails.

Yes, biotin is a beauty pill!

Lack of biotin may cause hair loss, scaly and red skin, and brittle nails. 

Medical experts say that we need at least 5 milligrams of biotin in our body to help in maintaining the health of our hair, skin, and nails.

However, biotin is not part of the B-complex vitamins that we can buy in pharmacies. You have to take biotin exclusively. 

One trusted biotin brand is Wolvit.

Wolvit is available in 5-milligram tablet that helps in hydrating our skin, strengthening hair strands, and preventing nails from breakage. 

I was blessed to be one of those women to learn more about the benefits of Biotin when an online event sponsored by Wolvit was organized. I've learned a lot about how important it is to also pay attention to the health of my hair and nails.

I got interested in taking Wolvit because I have heard a lot of wonderful benefits of biotin in the body.

After one and a half months of taking Wolvit, I've noticed that my nails become stronger (I can't even bend it anymore) and grow longer faster. I also noticed that my skin isn't dry (especially these days that it's so hot. As of this writing, I haven't seen any changes in my hair yet. They said that the changes in the hair would be noticeable in 3-6 months. And oh, I can't wait for my lashes to grow longer too!


While biotin is practically safe to be taken by everybody because it's a vitamin, it is recommended that a doctor must be consulted first to know the proper dosage and its contraindications. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, men, and young children ages 12 years old and up can take biotin. People with hypertension and diabetes must consult their doctors first before taking biotin.

Are you ready to take Wolvit?

Wolvit is very affordable! You can buy it at Php225 (SRP) for a box of 30 tablets. It is available in major drugstores nationwide (Mercury Drug, Watsons, Southstar Drug, Curamed, All Day Rx, Sure Rx, etc.). You can also buy Wolvit online in Lazada and Shopee.

Just a little reminder, though. 

While Wolvit can help in maintaining the health of your skin, nails, and hair, it is still advisable that everyone should keep a balanced and healthy diet. Some hair problems, like pattern baldness, can also be caused by genetics and hormonal imbalances, so biotin may only have little effect in addressing this problem.

One thing's for sure: I'm going to include Wolvit in my daily essentials!

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