My Thoughts About the Movie "Yes Day"

By Mommy Donna and Kib - April 10, 2021

I like watching movies during my free time, however, I am not the one who will watch every movie currently showing in the theaters. Most of the time, I will only watch movies online or wait for their premiere on my favorite movie channels such as HBO, Fox, or Cinemax. Apart from the movies, I also like watching documentaries because I learn a lot about real people and their stories.

Now that the whole world is experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the things that most people do to entertain themselves is to watch movies online. There are a lot of movie streaming sites online that people can subscribe to, like Netflix, Viu, Disney Plus, HBO, etc.

One of the latest movies that I've watched online is "Yes Day" starred by Jennifer Garner. Jennifer is a woman who loves adventure and will say "Yes" to everything until she became a mom. She became a "No" mom because she would always forbid her kids to do something crazy nor to commit any mistakes.

Jennifer and her husband tried to change their ways for a day to give their kids an opportunity to do whatever they like to do for a day without saying "no." Said day is called "Yes Day."

However, the "Yes Day" went haywire, but towards the end, Jennifer, her husband, and the kids were able to learn a valuable lesson about responsibility, respect, and discernment.

These are the things that I learned from the movie, "Yes Day":

No means protecting you from harm. Parents, by nature, will do everything to protect their children from any harm. As much as possible, parents will not let their kids experience pain or failure in their lives. However, kids regard "no" as limiting their freedom to explore. In this case, parents may slowly give their children an opportunity to explore and to experience pain and failure so that they will learn how life operates, that is it not about doing everything freely without consequences. Parents must also learn how to trust their children and let them spread their wings.

Yes may sometimes mean calling for danger. Uh-oh. Yes, that's true, children only see the fun side without calculating the risk. Kids cannot discern what is dangerous and not. That is why parents must be there to guide the children in doing something new so that there will be less risk but with an optimum level of fun.

No does not mean being a joy-killer. Bummer. Parents grow up in a different era; that is why parents find the things that interest young children weird and inappropriate. Parents must also learn how to know their kids' language so that they will be able to guide them about the kind of fun they want to try and explore. While parents find it fun and amazing to reminisce about their childhood, children will not be able to understand and enjoy it. Parents, know the trend so that you will be able to guide your children very well in their preferences. Do not impose how you lived your childhood on your children.

Yes may sometimes mean doing something crazy and trying something new. Life is short, don't be afraid to let your kids do something new and unusual. If you can, join the fun too! This is a good bonding activity with your kids. Loosen up and be that fun parent your child wishes to have. Add memories in their memory banks.

No means "not now, maybe later." A "no" is not a "no" forever. Children should understand that there are certain things that must not be done at present. When parents say no, it does not mean that they are stopping you to have fun. Parents say no because they feel that children are not yet ready. Children must prove to their parents that they are responsible enough for them to deserve their "yes."

Yes means "do it, but be ready for consequences." Parents say yes to their children for them to also experience failure. It is not all about letting their child fail all the time, but for them to realize that their rash decisions may sometimes lead to trouble. In the movie, the children were given an opportunity to choose their activities in one day, but their choices led them into trouble. For sure, the children in the movie learned a lesson that they couldn't forget for the rest of their lives.

"Yes Day" is available on Netflix. It's fun to watch it with the whole family and learn together!

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