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By Mommy Donna and Kib - February 22, 2021

Self-care is very important to me.

I learned to love myself again after I had undergone huge storms in my life (father got sick, failed marriage). I went back to the basics of taking myself again because I felt ugly and insecure. I bought a new set of clothes and shoes, I went to the salon for a makeover, and I rekindled my relationship with the Lord. Having a renewed relationship with the Lord also helped me to gain a new perspective in life.

Apart from the total makeover, I also surrounded myself with people who would continuously encourage me to be at my best. I was also blessed to be given opportunities to help me regain my confidence and to learn new skills. Moreover, I also attended classes to stimulate my brain.

People would say that I'm one lucky individual, but whenever I would tell them about the challenges I had, they'd say that it's all worth waiting for.

Whatever blessings that I have right now, I always give back all the glory and praises to the Lord Almighty.

Going back to self-care, I always remind myself to take a break once in a while from the hustle and bustle of everyday living. As a single mom, my responsibilities are twice the amount. I need to work harder while I manage homeschooling and family. If I'm physically and emotionally drained, I cannot also provide the same kind of positivity and strength to all my commitments.

At least once a month, I call for a massage. I also treat myself to a delicious meal. I also talk to my trusted friends whenever I feel blue and stressed and I thank them for being good listeners. I need to keep my sanity intact, or else, I will not be able to perform at my best and deliver my tasks.

Moreover, I also use the best skincare products for my skin and face. It also helps me to maintain glowing and fresh skin. I have to be careful with the products that I use on my skin because I have sensitive and oily skin. 

I also have to set an example for my son who is already having breakouts. I need to teach him proper skincare so that he will be able to maintain blemish-free skin.

My skincare story

I had bad skin when I was a teenager. My parents paid for a skincare program so that I would have blemish-free skin. However, even during that time, skincare was already expensive, so we were not able to maintain it after the program. 

Years after, I was introduced to a much-affordable clinic in Sampaloc, Manila. However, the skincare set given to me was too harsh to my skin, so I experienced uneven skin tone and dryness.

When I started working at the bank, I would request my boss to excuse me from work in the afternoon to visit my dermatologist. I would go back to the office with a swollen face from injections and pricking.

I also tried the more affordable skincare centers like Flawless and Let's Face, but I eventually stopped visiting a skincare center because I feel that my skin gets numb from pricking. I also felt that there is no need for me to go to a skincare center since I was able to keep a good skincare routine.

It has been years since I last visited a skincare center. I can't remember my last visit. I think I had facial warts removal?

When I saw my blogger-friend's post about a skincare center in Makati looking for bloggers to promote their services, I raised my hand. Even if the place was a bit far, I'm willing to drive since I won't go to the place regularly. Somehow I got excited about the appointment because it has been years since I stepped my foot inside a skincare center, especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

My experience with iSkin Aesthetic Lifestyle

iSkin Aesthetic Lifestyle has two branches: one in Makati (along Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue) and one in BGC. I went to the Makati branch since the consultant that I've talked with was based there. At present, they require appointments as part of the social distancing protocols set by IATF. It is also very important to tell that you're driving going there as there were limited parking spaces.

Wear masks and face shields!

I was asked to fill out an online Health Declaration Form before going to iSkin. 

I was impressed with the lighting of the center. It has white walls and minimalistic interiors. 

While I already knew what kind of skincare treatment I would be getting (Ultrasonic Face Contour and Diamond Peel), I was further reassessed by the consultant. She recommended that I should get an upgrade, to avail of the facial services.

Since I was already there, anyway, I want to maximize my travel going to Makati. I paid extra for the facial services.

Before the session, I was asked to gargle as part of the COVID-19 safety protocols. Compared with the usual skincare centers, iSkin had small rooms for each client. I loved it because it gave me a sense of privacy. It was also well-lit.

I had the facial first before the contouring and diamond peel. I was surprised that the facial wasn't painful at all! iSkin had another machine to suck up the whiteheads, so the pricking was lesser.

The Ultrasonic Face Contour shaped my jawline. I immediately saw the effects after the session, it lifted my jaws. 

After the contour, somehow my jaws were lifted

It was my first time trying Diamond Peel. I wasn't a candidate for a Diamond Peel before because I had active acne. 

Overall, it is refreshing! 

Thank you, iSkin, for the wonderful experience!

The skincare appointment that I had with iSkin made me realize that even if I already had a good skincare routine at home, I still needed to have an appointment at skincare centers to further improve my skin. There are certain things that home skincare products can't do, like removing dead skin, whiteheads, and blackheads. The consultant said that I should have a skincare appointment at least once a month.

I still look fresh when I arrived home, aesthetician said that I should wash my face the following day

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