Our Latest Adventure: Doing Watercolor Art

By Mommy Donna and Kib - February 05, 2021

As you all know, Kib and I like doing things together, from doing house chores to gardening, to cooking, to swimming, to shopping, and a whole lot more. I really wanted to build a strong relationship with my son, that I why I always try to find time in doing the things that he loves, and at the same time, to teach him valuable life lessons. 

I have an appreciation for art. I admire people who have a talent for creating paintings and sculptures. Even if I do not understand the story behind each artwork, I admire the strokes and techniques used in creating a masterpiece.

I also want my son to have an appreciation for art. Kib and I go to art museums so that he will see different works of art and be familiarized with popular Filipino artists. I feel happy whenever Kib takes the time to read the story behind each work of art and to look at each masterpiece with scrutiny.

Kib had expressed his desire to learn how to paint in the past. However, I did not find the time to look for an art class near our home. I was too busy at work, but to keep his burning passion for art, I bought him a lot of art materials that he can use for doodling and copying images that he likes to draw.

Last year during the height of the community quarantine due to COVID-19, I saw my co-blogger May Palacpac of Fully Housewifed leading art classes for young kids. She posted photos of the images that the kids made. I asked if Kib can join the classes, and I was so happy that she said yes. Kib was so excited to join the classes too.

I immediately checked if we have the basic watercolor art necessities: watercolor paper, brush, and watercolor set. It's a good thing that I was able to keep some of it and ran to the nearest National Bookstore branch to buy more.

At first, I was just watching Kib while he's having his classes. Two weeks after, I asked May if I can also join the classes and she happily said yes!

I bought my own watercolor art set so that Kib and I won't share it. 

Eventually, a mommy group of watercolor enthusiasts also invited me to be part of their group! I've learned a lot from them, like the techniques and the kind of materials I needed so that I would be able to come up with nice artwork. 

Moreover, a highschool classmate also supported me by giving me some materials for scrapbooking which I can incorporate in my artworks.

I love the support that I'm getting from my family and friends!

Watercolor art has become a bonding moment between me and my son. We do watercolor art practice during our free time. 

Since Kib and I had already made a lot of watercolor art, I decided to compile all of them on Instagram, momandsonwatercolorhobbyists.

I started to be busy by September, so I only did watercolor art practice during Kib's classes. When May said that she has to stop teaching watercolor art in October, our watercolor practice also came to a halt. 

Despite not having time to do watercolor art these days does not mean that I am putting off watercolor art in our lives.

As I write this blog, I suddenly miss doing watercolor art sessions with Kib. I asked him if we can do this at least twice a month as our bonding moment. I'm so glad that he said yes. I think I need time for a time-out.

What about you, what is your bonding moment with your children?

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