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By Mommy Donna and Kib - August 18, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected a lot of Filipino families. According to the latest statistics, 45% of the Filipinos lost their jobs. As a result, these people are now looking for other ways to survive and to be able to provide for their daily needs.

In addition, one of the realizations that people have during the pandemic is to give health importance. Nowadays, people are paying attention to their health by taking supplements and eating nutritious food. Households are also starting to grow their own fruit and vegetable garden.

One of the ways that people think of to earn money is to sell commodities. 

People must know first what is the most popular item bought by people. Since there is a need to boost our immunity to be able to fight COVID-19, food supplements are now one of the popular commodities in the market. Santé is one of the active companies in the whole world selling barley drink and supplement and vitamin C supplements.

I have read a lot of health benefits in barley and I want to try taking it to improve my health. In addition, we already know the health benefits of vitamin C. Santé's Vitamin C contains 568 mg of Sodium Ascorbate. It is non-acidic and can be taken with an empty stomach. Apart from the barley juice and supplement, Santé also sells nutritional drinks, body care, oral care, and skincare products. 

Santé products can be brought via direct selling and it continues to provide business opportunities for those people who are looking for ways to earn. Those who sign-up to be an independent distributor of Santé products can sell their products online. People these days prefer to purchase online than going to physical stores.

Santé is now active in promoting business opportunities to Filipinos who lost their livelihood due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The people behind Santé made sure that their online ordering system is working properly so that they would be able to accommodate new sign-ups and bulk orders. Santé business owners can also transact via a mobile app for easy transactions and monitoring.

Those who signed up at Santé can also sell the products worldwide. Santé is present in 10 key cities in the world.

It's easy to be a Santé business owner! Register on their website at to register and to know more about the product and the business opportunity. Check the live Facebook training sessions below.

There is no harm in trying. Check out Santé barley business opportunity and who knows, this might be the one you're looking for to help you in easing up your life in these challenging times.

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