Barliccino: Newly-Released Barley-Infused Coffee from Santé

By Mommy Donna and Kib - August 18, 2020

Coffee is the most favorite drink of most people. It gives people comfort and it also serves as an energy booster for some. Coffee has antioxidants that also help in boosting the immune system.

Personally, I love coffee, but I don't consider myself as an addict. One cup a day is enough for me. It doesn't matter if it is brewed or instant, as long as it is coffee, it's fine with me. If I have a chance, I also like tasting different kinds of coffee. 

These days, we cannot have coffee dates with our friends. My son and I would sometimes go to a coffee shop to study and work. These days, you can only order coffee for takeouts.

I can say that I'm lucky to have a coffee brewer at home. Even if I miss going to coffee shops to drink freshly brewed coffee, I can have a signature coffee drink at home.

Last time, I wrote about Santé's business opportunity (please read about it here) and I encourage everyone to check it out, and I learned recently that they released a new product called Barliccino. It is Santé's coffee mix infused with barley. One cup of Barliccino provides a foamy, delicious, and comforting escape to the real cappuccino goodness. Since it infused with barley, expect a different twist in your usual coffee and an added nutritional value on it.

Barliccino is sweetened using stevia, a healthier and natural substitute for sugar. One sachet of Barliccino has only 1.63 grams of natural sweetener. It has low-calorie content too (52 calories), so people who are conscious about their caloric intake need not worry about the additional calories they will take when they drink a cup of Barliccino. In addition, it has a non-dairy creamer, perfect for people with lactose intolerance.

Barliccino will be soon launched on Santé's website, but I am really sure that this is one product that everyone should try! Be a business owner at Santé to get special discounts.

Visit to know more about the company, the benefits of barley, and other products sold by Santé.

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