Online Learning Works! Here are the Reasons Why

By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 18, 2020

One of the first online jobs that I had was teaching English as a Second Language to Koreans. It was fun and challenging at the same time because there are kids who are participative and kids who are having a bad day. Don't worry, the kids who are having a bad day are not always like that. Later on, they participate in the discussion.

These days, a lot of Filipino parents are adamant in enrolling their kids to online learning programs. They feel that their kids won't learn so much compared with face-to-face learning. Unfortunately, the situation that we have at present does not allow face-to-face classes. The feasible options that parents have these days are online learning, homeschooling, and taking a gap year.

The parents need to think deeply on which learning route to take for this year for their kids.  

Parents see homeschooling as the most feasible and workable option at this time; however, parents are half-hearted in pursuing homeschooling due to a lot of factors. As a homeschooling advocate, I do not also want to push homeschooling because there are lots of things to consider before taking this route. It is a decision that you cannot do overnight.

On the other hand, parents are also not confident about taking a gap year. They feel that their kids will be idle and lazy during this time. They want their children to continue learning, they want their kids to be busy during this downtime.

For parents who do not have the confidence and patience to teach their kids and who are anxious about their kids being left behind by their peers, online learning is the way to go.

Online learning has been accepted as a mode of learning fifteen years ago. First world countries such as the United States, South Korea and Japan have been utilizing this for their children. Parents are also okay with virtual learning and are supportive of this method.

Online learning is also being utilized by some schools in the Philippines, but overall, this mode of learning is fairly new to most Filipino learners. A lot of parents are hesitant to try online learning because they felt that their children won't learn anything and won't be able to maximize learning online.

When we let our kids watch YouTube or go to educational sites, that's actually online learning. For online learning to be effective, parents must be more open and receptive in using other means of virtual learning such as Zoom or Skype for their child's education.

Here are some of the advantages of online learning:

Online learning can address all learning styles. One of the worries of the parents is that online learning might not cater to their child's learning styles if learning is done virtually. Teachers are skilled to address each students' learning styles whether the classes are done virtually or physically. The teachers have undergone rigorous training in conducting online classes so that the quality of learning will not suffer. Teachers can also adapt to virtual learning and maintain the same level of concern to their students. 

Online learning is not all about having a robot as a teacher. The students have still real teachers so parents do not need to worry about their kids being left out.

Online learning can address both synchronous and asynchronous learning. As I've mentioned earlier, in online learning, there is still a teacher who will monitor your child's learning. The child will not be mentored by a robot. The child will still have an opportunity to talk to their teachers should they need assistance.

There can be synchronous and asynchronous learning modes depending on the online learning program of the school. There may be days that the whole class will meet virtually and there are days that the teacher will be able to address each students' concerns individually. 

Online learning can develop a student's computer skills. Now that we are living in the digital age, it is crucial that everyone should have computer skills. These days, kids learn the nitty-gritty of computer easily, so by exposing them further to other apps and software, it enhances their computer knowledge and interest. 

Online learning can be as effective as face-to-face learning in terms of the acquisition of knowledge. In a regular school set-up, teachers are also using technology as one of the tools in learning, so using technology in a full online learning set-up is nothing new for the students and the teachers. Teachers still provide the information needed via live or recorded virtual classes. Students will not be shortchanged in terms of learning.

Online learning can teach important life valuesOnline learning is still all about serious learning, so students must take their classes earnestly so that they will be able to pass their course. Students still need to study hard even if the classes are done online, and that's perseverance, diligence, and hard work. 

Online learning can cut travel time. Going to school takes time, so through online learning, the students need not travel for hours to go to school. They only need a few minutes to log in for their class. They do not even need to take a shower nor brush their teeth, but of course, it is highly encouraged that they dress up appropriately for video classes.

Online learning can offer flexibility. I have been doing online jobs for the past ten years and I'm glad that I can do my job anywhere as long as there's an internet connection. I was able to connect to my clients even if I'm abroad or in the province. 

Online learning can also offer the same convenience! They can log in anytime (if the schedule for classes is flexible) and anywhere (as long as the environment is quiet and conducive for learning and the internet connection is strong) for classes. 

Since online learning is flexible, it is also prone to procrastination. Just be firm with your goals and have a strong motivation to finish the online course.

In the Philippines, most schools are redirecting to online learning. One of the promising learning platforms is Educ8 Philippines. It is an initiative started by a fellow Filipino Aldrin Magno, who dreams of providing quality education to the Filipinos. Through Educ8 Philippines, Aldrin aspires to provide Filipino students, teachers, and schools a reliable solution for distance learning. Educ8 Philippines aims to cater to all levels, from grade school to college and to also provide quality education to public schools.

Educ8 Philippines dreams to provide education at par with highly developed nations. This is a promising platform that is why I am personally supporting it.

Online learning works! The only thing that the teachers ask from the parents is to trust the system. 

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