Bad Tea and Burgers: The Newest Milk Tea Joint in Metro East

By Mommy Donna and Kib - February 26, 2020

Ever since milk tea joints became popular in the Philippines, the number of milk tea businesses continue to grow until now. 

Apart from the new milk tea business sprouting on each corner, these businesses are also introducing new concoctions to make milk teas more enjoyable and satisfying. Milk tea owners make milk tea that is not only pleasing to the tongue but also pleasing to the taste. 

Recently, I got a chance to eat at the newest milk tea shop near our residence, Bad Tea and Burgers.

Currently, there are several branches in the Metro East area, but they are franchisees. 

The biggest branch that they have is in Taytay, along East Bank Road.

Unfortunately, there is no parking space, good thing I have a small car that I can squeeze on the sidewalk.

You can easily see the store because it has a big signage

There is an airconditioned space where customers can stay while enjoying their milk tea.  Space has high chairs and bean bags with low tables if the customers want to sit like they are just in their homes.

Dine-in customers can also play board games!  Make sure that you won't break it or else, you have to pay for it.

Apart from milk tea concoctions, they also have snacks, rice meals, and burgers. 

French fries and nachos

Chicken wings

Rice meals with egg

Burger. According to Kib, the patty tastes good, however, it lacks juiciness

Just by the looks of it, their milk tea concoctions taste good!

You can see on the "Wanted" posters are their bestsellers

Cheesecake milk tea series (premium)

I like the marbled looks of this milk tea series (must-try series)

Check out the menu for all the food that they offer:

No delivery within the area, though.  You have to go there to buy food.

The food items are very affordable!  

What makes their milk tea house unique is that they serve milk tea tower!  Perfect for the whole barkada to enjoy.

We enjoyed our experience eating there and for sure we will be back soon!

Visit Bad Tea and Burgers at Exodus, East Bank Road, Taytay, Rizal. Visit their Facebook page for updates and promos.

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