Thank You 2019!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 04, 2020

Yes, I know, I am ending 2019 with a blog.

I don't normally write a blog to wrap up the year that I will be leaving behind, but I know that every day of 2019 has given me something to be thankful for.  The Lord has been very faithful to me and Kib despite of us not being consistent in serving Him.  

Here are the major highlights of 2019:

  • First time to travel in a visa country.  This is something very important to me because I really wanted to go to US in the future.  I was denied of a US tourist visa in the past and having approved of a visa to travel in Japan is something I am grateful for.  I have prayed for this for two years.  God indeed answers prayers in His perfect time.  Kib and I had a wonderful time in Japan, being able to see cherry blossoms (it's a dream for me) and being able to meet my Japanese students in person. (Read about our Japan adventure here).

  • 1,000-follower milestone on Facebook.  Yes, I celebrated it by holding a raffle contest to my followers.  It may took some time for me to reach this because I do not promote my page that much.  I thank everyone who had been following our adventures and misadventures on a regular basis.  I do hope that you were also able to learn something from it.  If you're reading this, please continue to spread the love about our page by asking your family and friends to also like our page.
  • Started our YouTube channel.  This time, Kib is the star of our YouTube channel!  He talks about our daily adventures in our YouTube channel. Hope you can also subscribe!
  • Online business continues to thrive.  As a single mom, I always have to think of lots of ways to earn.  I thank the Lord for continuously giving me opportunities to earn to pay off bills and debts and to save for the future.  I have introduced new products on my online shop (please like Katsa Co. on Facebook) and opened a Facebook group for some personal stuff that I am selling.  Should you wish to be included in that Facebook group, just send me a message.

  • Photoshoot with JoySpark Studio.  The last photoshoot that Kib and I did was during his 7th birthday.  I was so happy to join the contest to get a free photoshoot to update our portfolio and to celebrate a milestone on Kib's life.

  • Kib's rite of passage.  Kib was so hesitant to be circumcised and honestly, I am okay if he won't be circumcised at all.  He was eventually encouraged by my college students.  Of course, he had pains, but I'm so glad that he surpassed it.  
  • First-ever blood donation.  It's another one off my bucket list!  I have been wanting to donate blood for the longest time but I was denied twice.  Watch my blood donation on YouTube.  Should also want to donate blood, I have also written some tips for you, read my blog about it here.

  • Swimming lessons for me and Kib.  Yes, I've re-learned how to swim, thanks to Best of Manila and Bert Lozada Swim School.  My swimming journey is not yet over, so please follow it at Best of Manila's Facebook page.  Kib, on the other hand, was able to learn the four strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly) and I'm so glad that he enjoyed it a lot.  

  • Rebranding.  Since I have been talking a lot about my daily musings and adventures with my son Kib, a friend suggested that I should involve Kib more.  I changed the domain of my blog, from homeschoolerkib to donnaandkib, Instagram handle from donababe to donnaandkib and our Facebook page's URL as well.  

There are lots of things happened in 2019, both good and bad, and I thank the Lord for everything.  I am alive because of Him, I can handle all the challenges that I encounter because God is always guiding me and providing me with the best decision, and I was able to expand my network too.

This 2020, I am claiming that the Lord will continue to sustain our needs and to give me more and more opportunities for me and Kib.  I know that the Lord has the best plans for me and Kib and I claim the Lord's promise to us.

Cheers to the new decade!

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