Ceramic Painting at Color Me Mine

By Mommy Donna and Kib - December 17, 2019

Honestly, I am trying my very best to unleash the artist in me in everything that I do creatively.

I admit, I do not have the gift in art, but I do love and appreciate art.  My son and I would visit art museums and admire the works done by famous painters.  My son also loves drawing and he really tries his best to be good at it.  He has a sketch pad where he writes and draws anything and everything he can think of.  He would copy images from the Internet or even draw from his imagination.  I admire my son's interest in art and I encourage him all the time to develop it.

Recently, I was invited to have time-off one afternoon with my co-mommy bloggers from Mommy Bloggers Philippines  to paint ceramic figurines at Color Me Mine in Uptown Mall, Taguig City.  Color Me Mine is a painting studio where you can unleash the artist in you by painting ceramic plates, mugs, and figurines.  There are lots of to choose from, prices start at Php300 per ceramic. 

It usually takes around two hours to paint one ceramic piece!  They can provide a painting guide for each ceramic but you are still free to have your own colors and design too.

So, how it works?

  • First, pick a ceramic to paint.  Prices start from Php300 depending on the size of the ceramic.
  • Second, paint it!  There are over 25 colors to choose from!  The palette is a bit small so do not hesitate to ask for a refill, it's unlimited!

  • Third, after painting it, don't forget to write your name at the bottom.  You have to leave the ceramic for few days for glazing and firing/baking.  You have to pay additional Php200 for the firing fee on top of the ceramic that you chose to paint.

  • Lastly, you will be notified if the ceramic is ready for pick-up or delivery.  For the delivery, the customer will be the one to shoulder the fees.

If you're wondering if the finished product is okay to be used as utensil, yes it is!  The paint is food-grade so if you chose a mug or a plate, you can use it afterwards.

Apart from the on-site ceramic painting activity, Color Me Mine also provides other services, like workshops, team-building activities, fundraising campaigns, and even provide activities for parties, birthdays, etc.  

I would love to do this again together with Kib!  This is a fun bonding activity with the whole family, you should try this soon!

Color Me Mine is located at 3rd Floor Uptown Mall, BGC.  For updates, you may visit their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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