Cold Brew Coffee and More at Nitro 7 Coffee

By Mommy Donna and Kib - October 04, 2019


I try to have coffee everyday because it helps me to keep energized during the day.  It is my 'perk-me-up' drink.  I also try to taste different types of coffee when there's an opportunity.  

One of the coffee types that I like is the cold brew coffee.  I was introduced to it three years ago when I first tasted Nitro 7 Coffee.  Cold-brew coffee during that time was something new so I gave it a try.  After I had a cup of Nitro 7 Coffee, I just can't seem to forget the taste because it's soooo good!

Nitro 7 Coffee is being brewed for 15-18 hours using a cold process.  It also has a hint of nitrogen to preserve its freshness before being served to the customers.  I love that fresh taste of the coffee from Nitro 7.

Nitro 7 Coffee is a Filipino brand and has been in the market for three years now.  There are 17 branches too!  The owners never imagined that cold brew coffee will be accepted by coffee lovers out there considering that there are more popular coffee shops in the Philippines.  

Right now, Nitro 7 is offering not only cold brew coffee drinks but also milk teas, sandwiches, and pizza to complete your coffee experience at Nitro 7.  

Check out these photos to give you an idea of what to order at Nitro 7 Coffee:

My favorite drinks are the Irish Creme Breve and Hazelnut Caramel Mocha.  For the snacks, the Garlic Parmesan Pizza and the cheese sandwich are ultimately good! 

I would encourage you to try cold brew coffee at Nitro 7!  They're affordable and really taste good!

To know more about Nitro 7 Coffee, visit their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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