Dry Salt Therapy at Saltation Spa

By Mommy Donna and Kib - August 08, 2019

"I need Vitamin Sea...."

We often see on social media shouting this out telling their family and friends that they need to go to the beach to relax and take time off from work.  

Apart from the refreshing view of the beach, going to the beach can also help in improving our health.  We smell the fresh air from the sea.  Doctors even recommend people with respiratory problems to go to the beach every now and then to have a breath of fresh air.

But....what if you don't have time and budget to go to the beach on a weekend?

Good thing there's Saltation Spa in Novaliches, Quezon City.

Saltation Spa is the newest form of relaxation and therapy in the Philippines.  Having a salt room is common in Australian homes and it's good to know that it is now here in the Philippines.

This is really something new for Filipinos, so for this blog, the details about dry salt therapy will be in Q&A form.

What is dry salt therapy?

Dry salt therapy is a form of salt therapy done in an environment that has no moisture nor humidity. Dry salt therapy takes place in a space that is often referred to as a “salt cave,” but a salt spa might also call it their “salt therapy room.”  

In Saltation, Himalayan salt lamps and aerosol salt machines are used inside the salt therapy room.

What kind of salt is being used?

While you can see Himalayan salt lamps inside the therapy room, the salt machines which contain Grade A Pharmaceutical Salt Disc do more of the magic inside the therapy room.  Saltation has two salt machines inside the therapy room which gives its guests a higher exposure to salt ions.

How long is each therapy session?

Each session lasts for 45 minutes.  It is enough for you to breathe in salt ions that your body needs. 

Presently, walk-ins are allowed but there is no guarantee of slots.  Reserving your slots are preferred.

Who can have dry salt therapy?

Everyone can have dry salt therapy!  Old and young (even newborns and babies), pregnant women, and even breastfeeding women can have dry salt therapy!  If you have skin or respiratory conditions, this is perfect for you!

If you do not have any medical concerns, you are still free to undergo dry salt therapy.  It will help you get good sleep, improve your skin, and boost your immune system.

Saltation encourages the whole family to book and schedule a therapy session.

I feel thirsty during the therapy session.  Can I drink water while inside the salt room?

Food and drinks are not allowed inside the therapy room as it will create moisture inside the room.  

You will really feel thirsty after the session.  You can drink water after the session but drink outside the center.

The room looks plain.  Can you put live plant inside to add more oxygen inside the room?

It is a great idea!  Plants are a good source of oxygen too and can also provide quality air inside the therapy room, however, since plants are living things, it will also absorb salt ions.  Moreover, plants cannot be watered since it will build moisture inside the room.  

Currently, I have askin disease.  Can I still schedule a dry salt therapy even if my lesions are fresh?

Yes!  Dry salt therapy is perfect for those people with skin diseases!  If you have a bad case of acne, psoriasis, eczema, rashes, among others, dry salt therapy can help in improving skin hydration.  In addition, it also helps in skin roughness and inflammation.

I have cough and colds.  Am I allowed inside the room for dry salt therapy together with other people?  I'm afraid I might infect them.

The more that you need to go to Saltation!  Saltation had guests before who have cough and colds and after their therapy session, it helped them with their breathing.

Can I bring my pets inside the therapy room?

Yes!  Pets can also benefit from dry salt therapy.  However, there will be a special day for pets only.  Check out Saltation's Facebook page for the schedule of pet dry salt therapy.

I do not have 45 minutes to spare.  Is there a way to speed it up?

Yes, there is a small, portable type of therapy cubicle that can be used for 25 minutes.  

What do I need to wear when I go to Saltation?

Wear any comfortable clothing during your appointment at Saltation.  

During dry salt therapy session, what can I do?

As much as possible, do nothing!  Just breathe deeply to inhale the salt ions.  Some people even take a nap during therapy session.

People should take this time to relax.  Talking loudly is discouraged.  

However, there are magazines that you can read during therapy session.  If you cannot avoid using mobile phones during the therapy session, please put it on silent mode.

How often should I do this?

As much as possible, do it as often as you can!  

Is it possible if I can just have a dry salt therapy in my home?

For now, Saltation does not offer home services yet.

Do you offer massage services too?

At this time, no massage services at Saltation but who knows, there might be in the future.

This is promising!  More and more Filipinos are becoming health-conscious and undergoing dry salt therapy on a regular basis will help them boost their immune system.  

Kib and I had a great time during our therapy session at Saltation.  Even if it is far from where we live, I made an effort to go there just to experience this one-of-a-kind wellness center.  Kib fell asleep during the session.  I felt that my skin got a bit moist.  Kib said that he can taste salt in the air and he felt thirsty after the session.

Check out our photos from our visit at Saltation:

We brought our dog during the dry salt therapy day for pets and he loved it!

Kib relaxing while undergoing dry salt therapy

At Saltation, leather-covered pillows are used as cotton pillows can absorb salt ions 

For sanitation purposes, shoes must be covered before entering the salt room

The portable cubicle for 25-minute dry salt therapy

One of the two salt machines used by Saltation.  One salt machine can cover 28sqm of space, but in Saltation, two salt machines are inside the salt room to provide higher concentration of salt ions

Our dog relaxing while having his dry salt therapy at Saltation

Saltation may look simple from the inside, but it can surely give you the best relaxation to boost your immune system!  I can't wait for their future plans!

Saltation is located at 2nd Floor, C.I. Plaza, Old Zabarte Road corner Quirino Highway, Kaligayahan, Novaliches, Quezon City.  For reservation, you may text 0915-7065525.  Each session costs Php199 only, so affordable!  Check out their Facebook page too for updates and promos.

It's Salt O'Clock time!

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