Opening an Account at Security Bank is Easy as 1-2-3!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 26, 2019

I have been super loyal to BPI.  I have been banking with them since I was in college and my parents have been with BPI since the 1980s.  I even worked with BPI for four years.  During the time that BPI had systems failure, I was defending BPI from friends who are showing their frustration on social media.

However, these days, I observed that BPI is slowly fading; their customer service sucks, systems upgrades are not-so user-friendly, and their service charges are out-of-this-world.  I still love BPI, but I already have doubts about their efficiency.  I still have hopes that BPI will improve its services in the near future, being the oldest bank in the country.

These past few months, I have been hearing good reviews about Security Bank.  Friends have recently opened a new account at Security Bank and they said that it was easy for them to open an account.  I asked friends through Facebook messenger to tell me about their experience with Security Bank and they said that so far, they are satisfied with how they were treated as clients.  Since I am loyal to BPI, it never crossed my mind to open an account to another bank because I just want to simplify my life, hihi.  I don't want to go from one bank to another to make transactions and to monitor my finances.  

I was FINALLY convinced to open an account at Security Bank when a branch manager--who is also a friend of mine--sent me a message on Facebook and invited me for a lunch to discuss further the bank products and services (including life insurance).  We met at Rustic Mornings in Marikina City and discussed the different products of Security Bank and even gave me several flyers to read on.  I wasn't able to make any decision at that time because of my Japan travel, so I told her to get back to me after our holidays.

Our first meeting at Rustic Mornings

Primarily, she was offering an insurance policy for me and my son.  She made a follow-up about my decision but I turned down the offer due to budgetary constraints, but I promised that I will open an account for me and Kib.

The next time we've met, Kib and I already signed bank documents for account opening.  Again, we've met at a restaurant and it's dinnertime.

So glad that Kib can already sign bank documents on his own!  I let him fill out the application form and sign

Last week, we got our passbooks, ATM card, and checkbook.  For the third time, we've met outside the bank.  Since it was just a quick delivery, I don't need to park my car.  Kib and I just signed receiving copies and the said meet-up only took less than five minutes.

Just putting my car into hazard mode while quickly receiving our passbooks, checkbook, and EMV card.

The whole experience was amazing!

I opened two accounts: All Access for me and Junior One for Kib.  Below are the details of the accounts that we opened:

I was given personal assistance by the branch manager itself.  Please do not think that the reason I was given a VIP treatment is that I'm friends with the bank manager.  Security Bank aims to make banking a wonderful experience for their clients.  

Security Bank has been named Bank of the Year for four years (2012, 2015, 2016, 2018) and aims to provide better banking experience.  They prioritize personalized service.  To give you a taste of their personalized service, account opening has been made easy and convenient for their new clients!  

There are two easy ways to open an account with Security Bank: Apply online at their website, or via Human Switch Kit.

If you chose to open an account online, here are the steps:

1.  Fill out the account opening online form.
2.  Wait for the reference number to be sent via SMS.
3.  Visit the selected branch and choose the type of account you wish to open.
4.  Prepare for the following: the initial amount for account opening and a valid ID.
You will get your passbook in 10 minutes!

The other account opening option, the Human Switch Kit, is an ideal choice for
people who are busy and don't have time to visit any Security Bank branch for account opening.  The sales officer will be the one to contact the client to set an appointment to meet up outside the branch for the signing of the account opening forms.  The meet-up can be done during the most comfortable time for the client, so it means it can be on a weekend or during after office hours.  For the initial deposit, the client can EITHER issue a check under his name OR deposit cash to any Security Bank branches because sales officers aren't allowed to receive cash from the client.  The passbook, ATM, and checkbook (depending on the type of account you opened) will then be delivered to the client, no need to go to the bank to get these!  It's really very convenient!

Human Switch Kit is a hassle-free account opening procedure, a unique experience for a prospective client that even if they will just open a minimum amount, they will feel valuable and important.

Even if Security Bank offers these two unique account opening experience, you can still walk-in to the Security Bank branch near you to open an account and they will give you that ultimate banking experience!  Just don't forget to bring an ID and the initial amount that you wish to use to open an account.

I am just so happy with how we were treated during the account opening that is why I am also sharing it with you!

Thank you, Karen, for the VIP treatment!

Open an account at Security Bank near you and share with me your experience, okay?!

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