Learn About the History of Quezon City at QCX: Quezon City Experience Museum

By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 19, 2019

One of the things that Kib and I love visiting are museums.

As homeschooling family, one of the things that we do for experiential learning is going to museums.  Museum visits are a good way to learn about history and culture.

I have already heard about the museums inside Quezon City Memorial Circle Complex but I just feel so lazy going there.  I only had a chance to go there few weeks ago with a friend because she will teach Kib on how to do gardening (see our related post here).  We went to Quezon City Memorial Circle to buy the materials that we need to start our vegetable garden.  Since it was still early (around 1PM), we decided to visit the museums first.

There are four museums inside the Quezon City Memorial Circle, but we were only able to visit one due to time constraints (all museums at the Circle close at 4PM).  We went to QCX: Quezon City Experience Museum, the first socio-cultural interactive museum in the Philippines.  QCX has 14 exhibits which tells the story of Quezon City in the past, present, and future.  However, there is a part of the museum which undergoes renovation because another exhibit will be added.

When you go to QCX, a museum staff will assist you as you go through the exhibits.  The museum staff will explain each exhibit and the displays.

Here are the photos that we have taken inside QCX.  No video-taking is allowed, by the way.

A short video was shown before the museum trip starts.  The short video is about the rules to be observed during the museum trip.

The first thing that you will see as you enter QCX is a replica of the pylons of the Quezon monument.  There is a story behind the pylons, I'm not going to tell you what it is :)

The next exhibit depicts the time when President Manuel Quezon envisioned Quezon City to be a great city in Metro Manila

President Quezon's presidential table at Malacanang Palace

Some of the things that President Quezon used during his lifetime

One of the interactive displays at QCX

Quezon City's Master Plan in 1949.  If you can see, San Mateo is part of this map

We're on the screen!

This exhibit features the major points/location in Quezon City

Another interactive exhibit

Kib tried using a rotary telephone

Old cash register and bread cutter at the famous Kamuning Bakery

Some of the gadgets used by Mowelfund

Entrance fee is Php150 for non-QC residents, Php100 for QC residents, and Php80 for students, PWD, and senior citizens.  The other museums inside QC Memorial Circle is FREE so make sure that you arrive early so that you would be able to go to other museums!

We hope that we would be able to visit the other museums at QC Memorial Circle so we can tell you about our experience there!

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