Kib Does Urban Gardening!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 12, 2019

I hate gardening.

Ever since, I really do not have passion over taking care of plants.  Watering the plants for me is burdensome.  I don't like sweeping dried leaves, trimming plants, and pulling weeds.  When my mom left for the United States for good, our front garden looks like a warzone.  I really do not take care of beautifying our house.  There are weeds everywhere, grass overgrows, and shrubs are out of shape.  I killed all my mom's precious orchids because I don't take care of them.

Recently, I got interested in gardening when I saw a friend's post on Facebook that she just harvested vegetables in her garden.  I sent her a message on how she did it and asked if she can teach Kib on how to do gardening.  

Here is the step-by-step procedure on how to start your own vegetable garden:

1.  Buy the things that you needed to start growing your vegetable garden:

  • Vermicast fertilizer
  • Seeds/seedlings
  • Loam soil
  • Seedling tray
  • Pots of varying sizes (although you can use plastic tubs and containers at home, just put holes on the bottom
  • Optional: sprinkler, garden tools set
For our initial materials, we purchased it at Quezon City Memorial Circle.  I spent less than Php500 to buy fertilizer, soil, seedling tray, and some seedlings (rosemary and curry plant).  My friend gave us seeds to start with.

2.  Put vermicast fertilizer on each plot on the seedling tray.

3.  Put the seeds on each plot on the seedling tray.  You can use a barbecue stick to create a hole to plant the seeds.  The depth of each hole should be twice the size of the seed.

4.  Put label on the plot, so that you will know the name of the seed you planted.  Indicate the date as well for you to monitor the progress of your plant.

5.  Water the plant diligently, twice a day (one in the morning when the sun is not yet too hot and one in the late afternoon).  The water should just be enough, not too wet nor too dry.  

6.  Pray.  Not all seeds will germinate and don't feel sad about it, just continue planting.

7.  When you already have seen four leaves from your seedling, transfer it to a bigger pot.  Continue transferring to a bigger pot everytime you see your plant growing.

8.  Put support so that your plant will grow nicely.

9.  Continue to put fertilizer.

10.  Just be patient.  You will get excited when you see your plants start to have buds and eventually turn into fruits and vegetables.

11.  Pick your harvest.

You can also watch the step-by-step procedure on starting a vegetable garden on YouTube:

As of this writing, we are still waiting for the seeds to grow.  Hopefully, in 2-3 months, we will be able to reap the fruits of our labor.  We can't wait to see them grow and enjoy eating them.  Watch out for the progress of our mini-vegetable garden on our Facebook page!

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