Have a Healthy Tummy with Pholigo

By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 20, 2019

One of the things that we must not take lightly in our overall health is taking care of our tummy.

Our digestive system plays a major role in our health.  It is the one that processes the food that we eat and distribute the nutrients all over the body.  In addition, it is also the depository of bad bacteria which makes us sick.  

Oftentimes, we do not put importance on our gut health.  We thought that the brain, heart, and lungs are the only ones that we should protect.  

But did you know that colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the Philippines today?  And with regards to survival rate, Philippines fares worse than other countries.

Now, it made you already think....Am I doing something to keep my tummy healthy?

Here are the possible signs of unhealthy gut health, according to healthline.com:

1.  Upset stomach
2.  High-sugar diet
3.  Unintentional weight changes
4.  Sleep disturbances or constant fatigue
5.  Skin irritation
6.  Autoimmune conditions
7.  Food intolerance

When we do not pay attention to our gut health, it might lead to a severe health condition, like cancer, diabetes, and hypertension.

So....how do we take care of our gut health?  Here some ways:

1.  Lower stress levels
2.  Get enough sleep
3.  Eat slowly
4.  Stay hydrated
5.  Take a prebiotic or probiotic
6.  Check for food intolerance
7.  Change diet

Did you see the number 5 tip?  You might be wondering what is prebiotic or probiotic.

Prebiotics help in increasing the growth of good bacteria in our gut.  They serve as "food" for the good bacteria.  Probiotics, on the other hand, are live good bacteria.  We are now seeing a lot of prebiotics and probiotics in the market, but please note that not all prebiotic and probiotic supplements are of good quality or will actually provide benefit.  It is still best to consult a doctor in choosing a prebiotic or probiotic supplement in order to get optimal health results.

There's this one prebiotic that I can attest--Pholigo.  

Pholigo is a plant-derived prebiotic powder used as a nutrition fortifier.  It can be taken as is (it tastes like powdered yoghurt) or mixed with your favourite drink either hot or cold, or mixed with your favourite dish.  Pholigo is versatile compared with other prebiotics available in the market.  

Pholigo has been tested before it was sold in the market.  It has been confirmed and proven that it helped nourish and support the growth of good bacteria in the gut.  It has also been observed that due to a healthy gut, other aspects of our body improved.  One parent said that ever since her daughter has taken Pholigo, the skin of her daughter also improved.

Taking Pholigo with my favourite hot matcha latte

Ideally, one sachet of Pholigo should be taken by an individual once a day.  

One box of Pholigo contains seven sachets and it's sold at Php280 per box.  You can order on their website at http://gramworthph.com/pholigo/.

Let's get our tummy healthy by taking Pholigo!

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