Babies, Kids, Adults (Even Seniors) can Learn How to Swim with Bert Lozada Swim School

By Mommy Donna and Kib - June 17, 2019

I do believe that everyone should learn how to swim.

Drowning is one of the accidental causes of death in the Philippines.  Since we are surrounded by water, it is only necessary that everyone should have swimming skills not just for exercise or sport, but also for survival.

I learned how to swim when I was in high school.  I learned the basic swimming skills but unfortunately, I wasn't able to build confidence in swimming.  I am still scared to swim in deep waters even if I'm wearing swim vest.

Kib also learned how to swim few years ago.  Before I enrolled him to swimming lessons, I built his confidence in the water first.  I bought him arm floaters so he can enjoy swimming on deep water.  Arm floaters for me are better than basic swimming vests or swim rings in building confidence in the water.  With his arm floaters on, Kib jumps in deep part of the pool.  When I saw that Kib is ready to swim without arm floaters on, I enrolled him in a swimming class in our village clubhouse.

I supported Kib on his lessons for quite some time because his coach saw potential in him, that he can do competitive swimming.  However, due to time constraints (I'm a single working mom), he stopped with his training.

Even though Kib wasn't able to push through with competitive swimming, I'm glad that he was able to build confidence in the water.  He can now swim on the deep water without worrying so much about drowning.  During our holiday in Coron, Palawan last year, Kib jumps on the boat to swim at the open water to see the corals, fishes, and shipwrecks.  If Kib didn't learn how to swim, he will just be staying at the boat for the rest of our holiday.

Last week, Kib and I had a chance to have a trial class at Bert Lozada Swim School (BLSS) at their location at Ace Water Spa in Pasig City.  BLSS has been in the business of providing swimming classes since 1956.  They are in 70 locations all over the Philippines.

Check out our photos during our trial class (please note that Ace Water Spa does not allow cameras nor mobile phones in the pool area, but for promotional purposes, we were allowed to do so):

Ready to swim!

Yes, I also took the trial class!

Kib's swimming class

Together with my 'classmates' in the swimming class

My swimming coach

What makes BLSS special?

  • They have swimming programs for infants, kids, and adults up to 85 years old.  They even have special programs for individuals with special needs/disabilities, training for triathlon, and building a swim team.
  • The Master Coaches undergo comprehensive formal training courses and seminars abroad on a regular basis.
  • They have local and international affiliations.
  • BLSS produced 7 Olympians including Eric Buhain.
  • They apply fun and safe swimming practices.  

At BLSS, they also believe that apart from learning the basics of swimming, confidence in the water must also be built.  Coaches are fun people; they cheer you when you have unlocked a skill, patient in teaching a skill, and encouraging to do your very best every class.  I never had an intimidating moment with the coaches during the trial class.  They will make you feel that swimming is not something that is difficult nor intimidating to learn.  BLSS aims for a drown-free Philippines.

BLSS have classes for infants, kids, and adults!  Check out the details below:

1.     BABIES
My Baby and Me Program (6 months - 3 years old)
An aquatic program designed to teach parents and children to be familiar with the water.
Parents are taught how to help their child to be confident and happy in the water, and encourage learning through fun activities.
This program will prepare your infant/toddler physically, psychologically and socially for more structured swimming lessons later in life.
LEVEL 1: Starfish
(Water Explorer) Age 6 - 12 months
A pre-swimming class with the parent in the water.
LEVEL 2: Puffers
(Water Familiar) Age 1 - 2.5 years
For children who are eager to participate with parent in the water.
(Water Safety) Age 2.6 - 4 years
Teaches children to perform basic water safety.
LEVEL 4: Penguins
(Water Confident) Age 2.6 - 4 years
For children who are eager to participate with or without
parent in the water.
LEVEL 5: Seals
(Water Independent) Age 2.6 - 4 years
For children who are independent from parents and have more confidence in the water.

2.     KIDS (4 years old and above)
The comprehensive program can teach an absolute beginner both survival skills and sound swimming skills in the four main swimming strokes.
This program graduates into 6 levels as the swimmer develops his/her skills and begin to enjoy the sport more competitively
LEVEL 1: Snapper 1
Age 4 years old and above
For children who are afraid of the water or little or no swimming experience.
LEVEL 2: Snapper 2
Age 4 to 6 years old
For children ready to work without the parent or caregiver and are developing 10m Survival Swim and 10m Dog Paddle.
Age 7 years old and above
For children who are developing 15m Survival Swim and 15m Basic Freestyle
Age 7 years old and above
For children who are developing 15m Backstroke and 15m Butterfly
Age 7 years old and above
For children who are developing 15m Breast Stroke and Advance freestyle mechanics

3.     SWIM SQUAD (5 years old and above)
A pre-competitive swim program with supervised coaching, open to individuals who can swim all four strokes (freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke). 

4.     ADULTS (16 to 85 years old)
Proper breathing techniques and stroke correction for adults with or without any background in swimming.
Teaches comfort in the water, confidence, and being in control: the ability to be yourself in water, whether it's shallow or deep, pool, lake, or ocean. Being able to rely on yourself—not on the bottomor the side of the pool—for your safety.  If you’re afraid or not comfortable in the water, this is the perfect program for you!
Teaches fundamental skills like floating, arm & leg action and breathing in a stress-free,
encouraging atmosphere.  Focuses on survival stroke and freestyle.
Stroke drills and expert coaching allow you to develop perfect technique in breaststroke and backstroke.
Stroke drills and expert coaching allow you to develop perfect technique in advance freestyle and butterfly.

Teaches racing technique and preparation to athletes of all levels. Through specially designed workouts and proper stroke management, students will be able to swim faster with efficient technique. The program’s goal is to help you achieve a lifetime of swimming improvement.

This program is made for triathletes, starting or developing, to help them start, enjoy and finish their race. Program includes proper techniques in running, cycling, swimming, transitions, race strategies and nutrition.

Schools can also partner with BLSS for their PE classes.  BLSS has a curriculum for preschool to college levels.

BLSS have classes year-round!  Check out their website at for their locations nationwide.  Click on the location that you are interested to enrol so you can also check the rates.  Do not hesitate to inquire with them.

I invite you and your family to learn swimming the fun way at BLSS!  

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