Rich People Don't Need Money

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 27, 2019

I am always being regarded as someone who is rich.  Honestly, I find it weird for me to be regarded as someone who is living a life more than the ordinary because I know for myself that I AM NOT RICH.  I don't know the reason why people always say that I'm rich, or even their parameters on referring to someone who is rich.  

Both of my parents come from poor families.  My mom's parents are farmer and rice cakes seller.  My lola would walk for several kilometers to sell different kinds of rice cakes (bibingka, sapin-sapin, biko, suman, etc.) . Every summer during my younger years, I would always spend it at my grandparent's home in Bataan.  I also help out in my grandmother's business by bringing glutinous rice (malagkit) for grinding, wiping banana leaves, and fetching drinking water.  I wasn't able to meet my grandparents on my father's side because they died early (my dad was in college then).  My parents understand the value of hard work that is why they made an effort to give us a life that they have never experienced when they were young.  

My siblings and I were all sent to good schools in college.  However, not all our whims and caprices were given by our parents.  If we want something that is considered as a want, we have to save money for it. 

People also thought that I am a girl who is classy and won't dare to experience ordinary stuff.  Just so you know, I learned to commute on my own from school (I studied in Mandaluyong, and my tita would bring me to school before she does to her work) when I was in fifth grade.  In college, my school allowance is just on average.  My college friends would have Php100-150 per day of allowance, I only have Php70.  When I started working, I was able to be friends with people who love outdoors.  I climb mountains and sleep in a tent.  No restrooms on the mountains, so probably you can guess where I do Number 1 and Number 2, hahaha.  I consider myself a normal individual and yet people see me as someone who cannot be easily reached.  Maybe because I studied in an exclusive school?  Or I meet a lot of famous people?  Or maybe because of my preferences (if they only knew, I only buy items on sale, haha). 

I also don't mind what kind of material stuff an individual owns.  I don't even tease people for having luxurious stuff.  Hey, it's their life, it makes them happy.  As long as they are still living within their means and still have some amount to save for the rainy days, I don't see any reason for us to always put our attention on other people's material possessions.  

As I write this blog, I have realized a lot of things.  Having interaction with people from all walks of life made me realize that even though we are not equal in some ways, there are still things that make us equal. Upon realizing these things, it made me appreciate the things that I have without compromising my own philosophies in life.  Sadly, no matter how hard you try to be normal, people would always see you as somebody else.

Since I'm always associated with being rich, let me debunk some of the myths people think about being rich:

Rich people are hardworking people. Yes, rich people still work hard on their asses on a daily basis.  It does not mean that even if they have a comfortable life today, there is no need for them to work hard anymore.  Let's say the reason why they are living a comfortable life right now is that they strived hard.  Maybe the reason why they still need to work hard is because they want to maintain the lifestyle that they have at present.  

Rich people don't always have that luxurious type of business, some of them have businesses that cater to low-income families.  They have stalls in the wet market, may look and smell dirty, but mind you, once in a while they go in another country to have some R&R.

Rich people don't always buy expensive stuff. Rich people can also be practical people. They know how to value money and do not buy anything in an impulse.  They also look for best deals.   Rich people can be simple people.  They are not the usual people you always see wearing signature clothes and shoes and carrying an expensive bag.

Rich people are also gifted with expensive stuff. Yes, not all the time rich people buy expensive for themselves.  They are also glad to accept expensive gifts from family and friends. 

Rich people also know how to save.  Rich people's secret is that they save--a lot.  It may not be obvious because of their lifestyle, but they do.  They look forward to the future and not just live at the present.  They want to secure their old age and their children too.  Rich people do not want to be a burden to their family.

Rich people also need money.  Well, everybody needs money!  Whether you're rich or poor, we need money to use for our daily expenses.  While some rich people are already reaping the rewards of their hard work by working less on their old age, it doesn't mean that they stop thinking of ways to earn.  Rich people are used to working so even if they are old, they still want to be busy.

Let's have all that "rich" mentality--in a sense that we should always work hard, spend our money wisely, and be practical.

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