"Mother's Day Out", an Event for Moms by Beko Philippines

By Mommy Donna and Kib - May 24, 2019

Mother's Day is one of the most important family celebrations because this is the day that we honor our mothers for all of their hard work in raising a family.  Mothers are given a time-off by the family by treating them with breakfast in bed, salon makeover, spa date, or by just simply having dinner with the whole family.  

What about you, how did you celebrate Mother's Day?

Kib and I went at UP Town Center and we did food-tripping.  One of the food that we enjoyed eating was Turkish ice cream.  I have been hearing a lot of good things about Turkish ice cream and so glad to know that we can already buy it here in the Philippines!  Watch how we were entertained while we are buying our ice cream:

But before Mother's Day, Kib and I went to an event organized by Beko Philippines at Robinson's Magnolia last May 10th called "Mother's Day Out".  This event was from May 10-12 to honor the hard work, compassion, and dedication of mothers towards their families through fun activities.  

In this event, mothers were pampered with free make-up sessions and tutorials, cooking demos, food tasting, coffee and pastries, and win special prizes.

Here are some photos that I took during the event:

During the event, Dyeun Zapanta, Assistant General Manager of Beko Philippines, discussed the special features of some of the Beko home appliances which can help mothers in their everyday living.  The advanced technology of Beko home appliances can help mothers in optimizing their time in managing the home.  It helps moms to cut their time in doing household chores so that they can focus more on doing more important things, like having a time for themselves or spending quality time with their family.

Here are some of the special features of Beko home appliances:

Washers--it has "Xpress Super Short" option.  It is a 14-minute cycle that is suitable for lightly soiled small load of laundry (up to 2 kilograms).  For full load of laundry, "Daily Express" option will finish the job in 28 minutes cycle at 30 degrees Celsius.  "Gentle Care 20 degrees" option mimics the tender hands of a mother lightly and effectively washing delicate clothes.

Refrigerators--Beko's "Everfresh" feature in the crisper/vegetable compartment helps in preserving the storage life of fruits and vegetables up to 30 days by controlling the humidity, reducing condensation, and minimizing temperature variations.  By this, fruits and vegetables stay crisp and fresh.  In addition, "Active Fresh Blue Light" technology helps in preserving the Vitamin C content of fruits and vegetables so that it will maintain its natural flavor and nutritional content.  It is like having a greenhouse inside your refrigerator which continues the process of photosynthesis to help maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore, the "NeoFrost Dual Cooling System" of Beko refrigerators ensures that there are no air transfers between the freezer and fridge.  It prevents food spoilage and foul odor as well.

Ovens--the "Split and Cook" feature will help moms multitask while cooking.  Mothers can cook two different dishes inside the oven with two different temperatures.

Indeed, Beko can make our lives easier!  These state-of-the-art features of Beko home appliances can provide longer meaningful me-time and quality moments with their loved ones.

To learn more about Beko and the technologies in their appliances, visit their website at www.beko.ph or follow their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/bekoph.

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