Phoenix Super LPG: Sarah G's Newest Kitchen Companion

By Mommy Donna and Kib - April 23, 2019

For a person who loves to cook, a reliable cooking companion in the kitchen is a must-have.

We all think of ways to cut down our expenses at home, and one of the usual things that we cut down is finding a cheap LPG to use in our daily cooking.  However, in my experience, cheap LPG only lasts for a short period of time.  The quality of the flame isn't also good and the tank itself is not well-maintained.  We don't want to have an LPG-related accident at home, right?!

Good news!  Another LPG brand is available in the country right now and it assures us of a high-quality flame!

Phoenix Super LPG uses German-made SRG regulator that makes cooking experience safe, sigurado, and simple.  

  • Safe -- it has inlet safety valve that automatically stops LPG flow in case of leakage.
  • Sigurado -- it offers a reserve indicator which indicates cylinder content.
  • Simple -- it has a snap-on mechanism that makes it easy to install.

These three major features of Phoenix Super LPG assures us of safe cooking experience at home.

Popstar Sarah Geronimo is the latest brand ambassador of Phoenix Super LPG.  She really made an effort to learn how to cook because she wants to cook for her friends and family.  She took culinary classes to develop her new-found passion in the kitchen.  She also did some experiments in the kitchen, from whipping eggs the right way to cooking simple dishes.  Sarah is proud to tell her kitchen milestones to the media ("Marunong na rin po akong gumawa ng iba't ibang sauces.").

Sarah, however, admits that there are times that she still needs assistance in the kitchen.  

Despite of the cooking challenges Sarah face in the kitchen, she still finds joy in cooking, especially that she is using Phoenix Super LPG, she is assured of a safe, sigurado, and simple cooking experience.

To order Phoenix Super LPG, please call #SUPER (#78737) for nationwide dellivery.

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