"Don't You Feel Tired?" A Friend Asked

By Mommy Donna and Kib - April 30, 2019

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who is always reading my blog.  Without you, I won't be staying this long in this profession.  I owe you my/our success, love you all!

My blog contains everything in our lives--in short, all of our adventures and misadventures.  Sometimes, I also write about the latest trends in the market, the things that you can share and enjoy with your family.  I also write my thoughts about some issues that are close to my heart.  On my personal Facebook account, friends will see me posting about the activities that Kib and I do together.  I also post Kib's funny remarks on which people are looking forward to.  They find Kib smart and charming.

People thought I am living a fairy-tale life.


Just like any other ordinary being, I also experience hardships in life.  I am not spared from those experiences.  I also get tired from balancing work and family life.  My patience is always being tested.  I just chose not to complain about life's difficulties on Facebook because people who don't know me personally might think something negative towards me.  Whenever I feel down, I just send a private message to close friends whom I know won't judge me for whatever sob stories they will hear from me.

Yes, I feel tired, when things overwhelm me.

Yes, I feel tired, when problems come all at the same time that I don't have any extra pair of hands to help me out.

Yes, I feel tired, when my son won't cooperate, when he tests my patience, when he won't finish the assigned tasks to him.


There are so many reasons why I get tired, but I chose not to show my frustration and angst about it on social media.  As much as possible, I want people to see how beautiful life is instead of showing its ugliness to the people around me.  The Lord never fails to sustain us on a daily basis so there is no point on sulking on the bad things that is happening in our lives.  Be thankful than to be displeased with life.  If you're more thankful in life, it also eases your burden on the daily struggles and your viewpoint in life will be brighter.  You always see hope in everything around you.  You don't easily get discouraged when storms in life come in.  

It's okay to be tired, but always remember that joy comes in the morning.

God bless!

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