What's in Your Kid's School Bag? Here are Some Suggestions

By Mommy Donna and Kib - March 11, 2019

My friends would always laugh at me for carrying a heavy bag.  When I was younger, I can manage to bring a small bag, but when I became a mother, there's no way for me to lessen the stuff that I carry on a regular basis.  

When Kib is growing, I already ask him to carry his own bag and bring whatever he wants to bring, like toys, books, and drawing pad. Letting him carry his own bag also gives him a responsibility to take care of his things.

Hapee Kiddie, the leading toothpaste brand for children in the Philippines, has interviewed mothers, preschool teachers, child-rearing experts, and celebrity mom Franchesca Kramer to find out what they think should be included in a child's daily school bag.

1. The bag should be easy to carry.  Let your kid bring a stroller bag instead of a backpack.  This would help keep their posture straight and back-painfree from all the heavy books and school materials they have to bring on a daily basis.  Ms. Celine Dy Buenaventura, former preschool teacher and a mother of five said that moms should get a bag with her child's favorite character so that they would be encouraged to go to school and study hard.  She added that an upright stroller bag should be preferred over a horizontal one for easy maneuvering.  During dismissal time, a horizontal stroller bag is difficult to pull when all other kids and fetchers meet all at the same time at the gate.

2.  Snacks and water.  It's healthier and cheaper if you let your kid bring food in school instead of buying at the cafeteria.  Bringing along snacks and water is also ideal so that there is something to bring out when a child gets hungry and there is no food available outside.  Mompreneur Christine Li of Wandermom.ph said that keeping a child hydrated is very important, just bring along a spill-proof jug.

3.  First aid. There's no need to bring the whole first aid kit, just the basics like band-aid for scratches, wet wipes for easy cleaning of the affected area, and bite ointment.  It is also very important that your child's bag should have a tag with parents' contact details for emergency purposes.  

In my case, I always have a small bottle of alcohol and tissue for quick sanitation.

4.  Playtime kit.  Kids can get sweaty and dirty when they go and play outside, so it is very important that there should be an extra towel and clothes so that you can wipe off the dirt and sweat and put on clean shirt.  Sometimes, kids can't also control their bladder so it is also ideal to bring extra underwear and shorts.  Putting on baby powder and cologne after cleaning can also freshen up the child.

5.  Oral care kit.  Bringing along a toothbrush and toothpaste everywhere a child goes is a good practice of teaching your child how to take care of his/her teeth.  Franchesca Kramer, oral healthcare advocate for Hapee Kiddie, shares that she makes sure her three kids (Scarlett, Kendra, and Gavin) have their oral care kits in their bags wherever they go.  

What's good about Hapee Kiddie toothpaste is that it only contains kid-safe levels of flouride which can help fight off dental cavities.  It also comes in fruity flavors that kids will surely love.

Now mommies, what's in your child's bag?  Let's talk about it!

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