Lessons Learned on Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

By Mommy Donna and Kib - February 20, 2019

"Does it spark joy?"

Konmari Method is an art of tidying up.  It is introduced by Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant.  Marie Kondo also came up with a book telling her secrets on tidying up.  The book became popular worldwide and a lot of people also got interested in training to become a certified Konmari consultant.

Marie Kondo had done a lot of workshops and TV guestings about Konmari Method.  Marie Kondo is not fluent in English; she can only speak a few words and phrases that is why she always have a translator with her.  

On the Netflix series "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" which was launched on January 1st, 2019, a lot of people--especially mothers--immediately went on to checking their closets after they have watched the first episode.  They checked which among their things 'spark joy'; if it sparks joy, pack it away using the Konmari Method; if not, thank the item and discard it gently.

To be honest, I also got hooked on this show.  I had already heard about Konmari method in the past but I wasn't interested to learn about this method of tidying up, maybe because  I have been tidying up every now and then, discarding what we don't need anymore.  However, I have seen posts on Facebook on how Konmari method helped them in simplifying their lives and because of that, I also watched the show and finished the whole season in two days.  

I super loved Marie Kondo's personality!  She is very bubbly, gentle, and non-judgmental about the amount of stuff you have inside the home.  She won't say anything bad about an individual keeping a 'nonsense' item; rather, she would throw questions about that item if it's going to help him/her move forward with his/her life or not.  It's really an eye-opener especially in keeping sentimental stuff; there is a tendency for us to hold too much of it that it doesn't help us in moving forward with our lives.  Marie Kondo actually helped a lot of people to move forward with their lives by teaching them to let go of the things that don't 'spark joy'.

After watching the whole season of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, I have learned a lot of things:

1.  Tidying up does not mean throwing unnecessary things immediately.  Most people would immediately think of throwing EVERYTHING UNNECESSARY.  In Konmari Method, while it is encouraged to only keep few items, there are times that those unnecessary things still spark joy in your life.  It brings good memories to you.  If something from the past won't help you to move forward in your life, Marie Kondo said that you should learn to let go of those things.  Sometimes, we are holding on to something from the past that hinders us from moving on and start anew.  Letting go of those things does not mean trashing out those memories; it's more of your healing and moving on.

2.  Organized home means harmony with family members.  Most of the time you have arguments with the family members because one doesn't return something in its original place.  Sometimes, too much space for unnecessary stuff also causes less quality time with the family.  The space at home which can be used to spend quality time with your family has already been occupied by your unnecessary stuff at home.  In addition, it also causes wasted time finding something at home.  While some people would argue that home organization is not necessary to show that you have a wonderful family life, however, there is also no harm in putting some order at home.  An organized some can make your home look lively and fresh.  

3.  Be thankful always.  Sadly, most people forget to be grateful.  Marie Kondo reminds us to be thankful for all the stuff we have at home because for once in our lives, it gave us joy.  The stuff that we are about to throw away somehow served its purpose in our life so it is only right for us to say our gratitude before putting them away.

Being thankful should always be practiced, not only during the time we are doing Konmari Method, but on all circumstances and situations that we experience in our daily lives.  Show gratefulness to people around you even in the littlest way.

4.  Teach kids about organization at a young age.  Marie Kondo encourages parents to also involve their children in tidying up the house.  Let the kids choose which among their toys don't spark joy anymore.  Involving kids in this activity teaches organization, simplicity (no need for many toys), and gratitude.  When kids learn at a young age, there is a great chance that they will practice the habit for the rest of their lives and pass it on to their own children.  It may be tough and repetitive, but I would guarantee you that is is all worth it.

5.  Let go of the things that won't help you move forward.  Most of the time, we hold on to something because we thought that it will hurt us more if we let it go.  What we don't realize is that the more that we hold on to it, the more that the healing process will not start at all.  It's like nursing an old wound.  Marie Kondo always asks if a certain thing from the past would help a person to move forward if he/she would hold on to that item.  Most of the time the person realizes that holding on to something won't contribute to the future so the letting go process is much lighter.

Learn the art of tidying up with Marie Kondo!  For sure you will also fall in love with it and you will have a different perspective in cleaning your own home.

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