Hotel Sogo Welcomes Everyone in the Family in their Affordable Hotel!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - February 22, 2019

In the Philippines, motels have a not-so-good reputation.  It is usually associated with couples who just want a room where they can be intimate for a short period of time.  It is also associated with couples on an illicit relationship because they cannot publicly show their affection to each other.  However, in other countries, motels are for travellers who will only stay for a night and then continue with their travel the next day.  The word 'motel' is actually a short term for 'motorist's hotel'.  

These days, motel businesses in the country are slowly changing its reputation.  Since early 2000, several motels have rebranded, inviting all people from all walks of life to try on their facilities.  Some motels have a big room for small parties like a bachelor's party or bachelorette's party.  Some motels have themed rooms welcoming the whole family (yes, including kids).  


Last year, I attended a two-day conference at the Heritage Hotel and I brought Kib with me.  I wasn't able to arrange our accommodation because I still don't know if we're going home and drive again going to back to Heritage Hotel the following day or just look for a place to stay near the conference area.  I'm a bit hesitant to book a room at the Heritage Hotel because it's expensive, haha.  Since I only needed a bed to sleep on for the night, I decided to drive in at Hotel Sogo in Pasay and stayed at one of their garage rooms and booked a 12-hour stay there.  The room has Under the Sea theme.  It was Kib's first time to stay at a themed room so he was in awe, although he found the theme a bit corny, haha.

I don't feel ashamed to say that we stayed at Hotel Sogo because I know for myself that we didn't do anything suspicious nor illegal.  

Kib and I were invited to attend the media appreciation party of Hotel Sogo last January 28th, 2019.  I learned a lot of things about Hotel Sogo--its history, mission-vision, CSR (corporate social responsibility), future plans, among others.  

Kib had a chance to interview Ms. Sue Geminiano, Marketing Manager of Hotel Sogo

Just to give you a brief background, Hotel Sogo first opened its doors to the public in 1993 at Monumento LRT Station to offer something new and exciting, to be able to meet the increasing demand of the Filipinos for a place to temporarily stay at a convenient rate.  Hotel Sogo was established to offer top-notch lodging facilities and services anchored on the following corporate values: Cleanliness, Innovation, Efficiency, Courtesy, Discipline, and Teamwork.

The iconcic Hotel Sogo logo

It is in 2008 when they introduced their tagline, "So Clean, So Good" which is used up to the present.  It gives the impression that Hotel Sogo provides a good service and satisfying hotel experience.  Currently, Hotel Sogo has 39 branches all over the Philippines. The latest branch is in Timog, Quezon City with white and red colors accent on the building.  The Timog branch is an indication that Hotel Sogo will offer something new and modern.  The current branches with red and yellow colors will remain, but the future branches will have the red and white color schemes. 

The original red and yellow accent of Hotel Sogo

The latest branch of Hotel Sogo at Timog Avenue with red and white accent

When you enter Hotel Sogo, you will be welcomed with a traditional Japanese greeting (bowing) to show the distinct level of courtesy and service to its customers.    The hotel lobbies and hallways are spacious with in-house movie channels and piped-in music in each room.  

Currently, Hotel Sogo is developing a system where customers can book a room real-time via a mobile app.

Hotel Sogo boasts of the following services and amenities:

  • Low room rates
  • No power interruption
  • Secured private parking
  • Fully air-conditioned rooms
  • 24-hour food and beverage service
  • Complete safety and privacy
  • Debit and credit cards accepted
  • Free wi-fi internet access

Hotel Sogo also gives back to the society by organizing medical missions all over the Philippines.  Called "Sogo Cares", Hotel Sogo successfully extends its service to the community through the Doctors on Wheels (DOW) Program that focuses on providing free medical consultations, laboratory examinations, and medications to the underprivileged communities in the Philippines.  

For this program, the DOW medical bus is equipped and furnished with four examining beds, examining chairs, examination lights, and other important equipment for the doctors in serving their patients.  This medical mission is regularly staffed by volunteer doctors, social workers, nurses, pharmacists, and Hotel Sogo staff.  

Hotel Sogo is open to all!  For group study, vacationers, a staycation for the family, a place to sleep before heading to their destination, Hotel Sogo is indeed a place to enjoy with family and friends!

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