Home Appliances for a Tough Mama (Like Me)

By Mommy Donna and Kib - February 27, 2019

Modern conveniences made our lives easier these days.  It helped us in managing our tasks at home without taking so much of our time.  It made us efficient at home because we were able to do a lot of things in a day.  Kids can also help us in doing household chores because the appliances that we use are easy to operate and are kid-friendly.

When we purchase home appliances, one of the things that we consider is quality.  We wanted it to last long so that we get our money's worth.  Apart from that, we also consider the overall look so that it will match our kitchen.  We wanted an appliance that looks modern and stylish.

Tough Mama listened to their customers' needs.

Tough Mama is the new generation Home and Personal Appliances designed and built to the exacting standards of the contemporary consumers.  With good quality materials and modern technology, Tough Mama guarantees years of convenience, enjoyment, and trouble-free use with the assurance of safety and energy efficiency.  What makes Tough Mama the best among all other brands is that their products are affordable, very friendly to the budget, which makes it a smart choice for modern single women and moms like me.

When I first heard about Tough Mama, I thought they are a brand catering to baby's needs.  I was wrong.  Tough Mama is an appliance brand from the same company as Nikon Home Appliances so I know that it is a brand that can be trusted.  We used to have Nikon Home appliance before and it lasted years so I am assured that Tough Mama is a brand that is really tough yet loving, wise and practical, innovative, and flexible.  

These are just a few of Tough Mama's  home and personal appliances

Last February 19th, we were blessed to be part of an event by Tough Mama together with other tough mamas like me.  Chef Jam Melchor did a cooking demonstration using Tough Mama appliances.  Chef Jam is also a user of Tough Mama because it's really tough and durable.  

Kib helping out Chef Jam Melchor during the cooking demo using the Tough Mama infrared cooker

Pork chop fried in Tough Mama multicooker

Tough Mama's infrared stove looks classy and easy to use

Chef Jam Melchor used Tough Mama's blender in mixing the ingredients.  According to him, the machine is so powerful that he had to just put it in pulse mode.

Mommy Kaye Sy-Catral of Bento Mommas also taught us how to make bento meals for our kids by using the available kitchen utensils at home.  I was glad to hear that from Mommy Kaye because I thought bento-making would be very expensive.  

Mommy Kaye of Bento Mommas teaching us how to score an apple

There were some Tough Mama appliances that I wish to have in my kitchen, like the personal blender, electric griller, food steamer, rechargeable stand fan (yes, I was so amazed that they have this product), and noodle cooker.  I was so happy to go home with some of Tough Mama appliances to try on at home.

Yay! We won a rechargeable fan from Tough Mama!

For tough women like me, Tough Mama is a brand that you can trust in managing your home!

For more information about Tough Mama, you may visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/toughmamaappliances and Instagram at www.instagram.com/toughamaappliances.  Tough Mama is available in all leading appliance stores nationwide.

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