5 Tips to Avoid Impulsive Online Shopping

By Mommy Donna and Kib - February 27, 2019

DISCLOSURE:  This is a sponsored post with Vipon Deals and BraVoMark. All opinions are mine.

These days, most of us do online shopping because it's convenient and hassle-free.  We do not want to waste our time going to a shopping mall battling traffic, finding parking space, and lining up at the cashier upon check-out.  The hassles of shopping triple during sale period.  People don't like experiencing the hassles of shopping during sale period but still, have this desire to avail of the discounts.  Good thing online shopping sites also provide the same shopping experience during sale period.

However, online shopping during sale period can also let us buy unnecessary stuff just because they're on sale.  When the items are delivered at our doorstep, that's the time that we realize that we just got impulsive on buying it. Sometimes, it already causes misunderstanding between husband and wife (there are instances that the wife already gives a different address for delivery so that the husband will not find out the latest online purchase, haha).

I also have some friends telling their experiences in online shopping on social media.  Some of them are happy because they were able to get a good deal; however there are times that they regret their purchases because the actual item is too far from the photo on the website.  Returning the item can also be burdensome too.

I rarely do online shopping because I only wanted to buy items that are hard to find in regular stores.  I am proud to say that I can control my online purchases.  I am sharing you some tips on how you can keep your online purchases at a minimum and still get the best deals:

1.  Check other online shopping websites first for comparison before buying.  There are lots of online shops these days, and Amazon is the most popular among them.  Before buying something at Amazon, make sure that you were able to compare prices from other online shops so that you can get the best deals.  

2.  Check the SRP of the item first.  Sometimes, online shopping makes it appear that a particular item is cheaper than physical stores.  However, there also cases that items online are more expensive than items in physical stores.  Make sure you were able to check the SRP of the item first so that you won't be deceived by the online shop's promotions.

3.  Check your current stash first.  Buy only the items that you REALLY need and not because they are on sale.  There are times that we just buy something online and end up purchasing something that you also have bought weeks or months ago.

4.  Set a limit every time you purchase online.  It's easy to shop online!  With just the click of a button, we can make instant purchases!  There are instances that we can't control ourselves and end up with a huge credit card bill.  Tip: don't rush on buying something online.  You can put a mark on the items that you wish to purchase or put them in the shopping cart and just eliminate when you're about to check-out.

5.  Ask all the questions you that have.  It is better to ask all the questions first before buying so that you will not have any regrets when the item has been delivered to you.  This also helps you in managing all the expectations that you might have on the product.

6.  Avail of coupon discounts.  There are websites that can give you more discounts than the usual, like Vipon.com.  Vipon gives you online coupons that you can use when you purchase at Amazon.  The discounts given by Vipon is really a steal, from 50-90%!  I tried the coupon from Vipon and yes, the discount promised by Vipon is indeed true!  Using the coupons on Vipon can give you more discounts compared with the regular deals that you can avail at Amazon.  Currently, there are 2,000,000 shoppers registered at Vipon and this is just a testament that Vipon is indeed a good website or app that you can use every time you shop at Amazon.  You can also choose to buy among 400,000 items at Vipon that has huge discounts, they have everything that you need--home stuff, clothing, crafts, sporting goods, and so much more!  

Go to Vipon's website (or you can also download the app on your mobile phone, available at the App Store and Google Play), click an item on that site that you wish to buy, and it would generate a coupon that you can use at Amazon.

Once you clicked on an item at Vipon, it'll open a new link for a coupon code.  Underneath that code is a button to redirect you to Amazon site of the item.  On checkout, don't forget to write down the coupon code under Gift Cards and Promotional Codes.  

I would also recommend that you subscribe to their newsletter so that you will be updated on their latest deals.  

There you go!  I do hope that you these tips will help you to become a wise online shopper.    Be patient (wait for promos) and be a conscientious buyer so that you won't regret any of your purchases and it may 'spark joy' in your life, haha.

Vipon is indeed your to-go website to easily find the best deals at Amazon!

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