Zero-Waste Lifestyle--Only for the Rich?

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 28, 2019

Zero waste lifestyle is a hot topic in social media these days.  You can read a lot of articles and discussions about it, with both positive and negative reactions.  When I started to become more environmentally conscious and sharing tips to my friends, they are also trying to go to that path because they also find it convenient, particularly when I shared about bringing containers during grocery day to lessen the plastic packaging whenever we buy meats and fresh produce.

Just like what I've mentioned on my earlier blog about starting a zero-waste lifestyle (read it here), it is really hard to be zero-waste at all.  While it is doable, it will take a long time to achieve such lifestyle.  It may take years for most people to do so as eliminating waste at home is something that is difficult to do.  Admit it, small packagings made our lives easier as we do not need to prepare in portions all the time.  It helps us in managing our time as it is already portioned individually and there is no need for us to wrap it one by one. 

Sadly, some people are intimidated on doing the zero-waste lifestyle.  They said that it is only for the rich as they are the only ones who can afford to change the stuff that they need at home to lessen waste.  They said that the biodegradable stuff that are available in the market are expensive. Some people said that zero-waste lifestyle is a social class issue; it further alienates the poor from the rich.  Yes, there are lots of arguments about going zero-waste in your respective homes and it's never-ending.  Both practitioners and non-practitioners of zero-waste lifestyle argue on this topic.

Nowadays, there are available alternatives out there to help you with your zero-waste lifestyle, but the question is: do you really need them?  Do you really need to purchase new stuff at home?  

Actually, you can still use whatever resources that you have at home and actually there is no need to replace them immediately to say that you are practicing a zero-waste lifestyle.  Zero-waste does not mean buying new things and throwing out the current plastic materials that you possess which will eventually add up to the non-biodegradable trash.  Just maximize the use of your current materials at home until it wears out.

Honestly, some modern conveniences that we are enjoying right now are just luxury.  You can actually drink directly from a glass, you don't need to use a straw.  You don't need to buy reusable bags; you can just create one by upcycling your old clothes.  The plastic trash that we have at home can be repurposed; some use it as plant pots.  

Bottomline is, if you are determined to minimize waste at home, there are lots of ways to do so.  The main ingredient in having this lifestyle is sheer determination and commitment to help Mother Earth.  No social class can stop you from starting a zero-waste lifestyle at home.  By doing something in your own little way can mean a lot on saving Mother Earth.  Don't feel alienated whenever you practice zero-waste outside home; in my experience, a lot feel happy that we are eliminating both paper and plastic packaging whenever we buy something outside.  

Again, no need to be a purist in doing a zero-waste lifestyle.  Don't feel guilty if you are still using plastics at home.  As long as you know for yourself that you are minimizing waste and refusing packaging, you're contributing to the betterment of our environment.  No need to judge nor condemn those who are not yet into that lifestyle; what we can do is to remind them of the possible effects of throwing non-biodegradable trash.  

One less plastic a day can make a great impact to our environment.

Go zero-waste!

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