Our Adventures and Misadventures in 2018

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 03, 2019

2018 has opened new opportunities not only for me but also for Kib.  Indeed, God is faithful to His promises that He will continuously bless us and provide for our needs.  

I made a joke to a blogger-friend what made my 2018 extra special is that there were no heartaches for me, hahaha.  Last year was the year that I enjoyed being a single mom without thinking of having someone in my life.  The last relationship that I had made me realize a lot of things about myself and about relationships.  While some people say that I still should be open to that special someone in my life, for now I am more focused on being a mom to Kib and to think of ways to sustain our needs and Kib's future.

2018 was also the start of Kib's vlogging career.  I started taking videos of him interviewing people.  It also made me develop my video editing skills.  It's like hitting two birds with one stone, wink, wink!

To recap, here's what made our 2018 special:

January--Hongkong and Macau trip.  It was an unplanned trip as my tito asked us if we wanted to go with them in two weeks' time.  It was a different experience for us because it was our first-ever winter holiday and was our first time in Macau too.  Read about our experience here and here.

We stayed at one of the Disney hotels in Hong Kong, the Disney Hollywood Hotel

Posing at the facade of St. Joseph Church which can be found at Senado Square in Macau

February--meetings galore for business opportunities.  I always open myself for different opportunities to earn so this month, I was able to talk to a lot of people about business matters.

March--we were robbed.  Yes, I didn't tell this openly as I don't want my friends and family to worry about us.  Rest assured, we also learned a lot from the experience.  We fortified our house and installed surveillance system.

April--registered as a professional at BIR.  I must say that this is one major achievement for me as a freelancer/work from home!  Read about it here.

My BIR registration

May--Kib started shooting for his TV show, Kiddie Cuisine.  To date, this is Kib's biggest break so far.  He was so happy that he cried during the last taping of the show.  Read about his TV show here.

Kib with the rest of the Kiddie Cuisine gang preparing for their taping

June--the pilot episode of Kib's TV show was aired during Father's Day, June 17th.  I don't want to miss the pilot episode of Kiddie Cuisine that I asked people if we can crash into their house just to watch it, hihi.  I was glad to also see pictures of friends who also watched it in their respective homes.  Thank you for supporting Kib and the rest of the Kiddie Cuisine gang!

Proud mommy moment seeing my son on TV!

July--our birthdays!  Nothing spectacular happened during our birthdays, just tried archery at SM Megamall.  

Happy birthday to us!

August--my guesting at Mom Cafe was aired, I talked about mom shaming.  I was given a chance to be a guest at Mom Cafe, a TV show at Colours. Mom Cafe is hosted by Bettina Carlos.  I am no longer afraid to share my life and how people around me judged me about the mistakes I did in my life.

A snapshot of the episode of Mom Cafe where I was one of the guests

September--back to teaching!  Taught as a part-time college professor teaching Understanding the Self to first year college students.  Happy to be back doing what I love the most.

October--just another busy month for us, juggling work, homeschooling, and home errands.  Nothing spectacular as we are really busy with our normal lives, ahihi.

November--our adventure in Coron, Palawan! (will tell you more about this on a separate blog).  It was supposedly a Taiwan trip but Kib misses going on a local vacation.  It was really a fun experience for us and we wanted to go back next time.  There are still lots of things to do in Coron that we were not able to do (we only stayed for three days).  

Super love the adventure in Coron!

December--just another busy month for us, planning for 2019, Christmas parties, and Intramuros trip before the year ended (will tell you more about our Intramuros trip on a separate blog).

It's fun to walk back history!

For 2019, praying for a major trip (will not tell you yet, it's going to be a surprise), and of course, God's continuous provision, abundance, and good health.  I usually start the year with prayer and fasting, dedicating all my faith goals for this year to Him.

Happy New Year everyone!

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