Online Marriage Counselling for Busy Couples

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 21, 2019

Don't worry, a certified psychologist can help you online!

We are now living a fast-paced life that we cannot even notice the time passes by.  We are too engrossed in our work or even raising our family that we tend to put little or no time in strengthening our relationship with our spouse.  

We have seen a lot of movies and heard a lot of stories about couples slowly drifting away from each other for various reasons.  At first they do not notice it, but as the time goes by, they start to realize that they do not spend quality time with each other anymore and treat each other as if they are just roommates.  They no longer notice the changes from each other nor know what is happening with each other during the day.  This happens when couples are already too comfortable with each other.  They will only realize that they lack something in their lives when they hear stories of other people and relate to that story.

Sometimes, instead of doing something about the relationship, couples tend to find what is missing in their lives from other people.  Going out with friends, spending more time at work, and worse, finding another partner to fill up that emptiness that they feel.  This is the start of marital problems.  

Marital problems start when couples find the faults of each other than to compliment each other.  They also disagree more than to find a common ground to make things happen.  They tend to do things that would trigger misunderstandings more.  

When they start to realize that they are falling apart, they start to sort their mistakes and try to come up with a resolution and promise to each other that they will not do the same things again.  However, sometimes it's still hard to come up with a compromise that you need someone to help you out.  In this case, you might want to consider online marriage counselling.

Why online marriage counselling?  Can't I just go and visit the office of a therapist?

Online marriage counselling works best for people who are busy at work and can't find time to take a leave.  It is also more private, in a sense that you don't need to wait at the office lobby and see other couples waiting for their turn.  You do online counselling at the comfort of your home at the time that you are most available.  You also feel safe talking about sensitive matters in the four corners of your home without fearing that someone is listening to you on the other side of the door.  You might feel strange on talking someone virtually, but if you're calling a friend or a family member via Facetime, Skype or Facebook Messenger, it's practically the same thing, it's just that the online therapy sessions are more structured.  

Online marriage counselling can also deliver the same results as consulting a therapist at his/her office.  As long as you are willing to participate in the exercises given by the therapist, there will be no problem on sorting you and your spouse's concerns.  I have been teaching English to foreign nationals for the longest time and I can assure you that my students also learned a lot from me.  This practice of talking to a professional online is nothing new.  People in other countries do this also.

Lastly, online marriage counselling can really help you with your personal and relationship growth.  Just build a trust with your counsellor and surely, your marriage will be on the right track.

Please, don't easily give up on your marriage.  God has a special design for marriage, just hang on there.  Pray to God to always protect your marriage.

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