Enjoy Coron, Palawan with Kids!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 07, 2019

Kib and I love adventure so much that every year, we think of something new to try and experience.

Kib and I had already been in Puerto Princesa and El Nido, so we already have an idea how beautiful Palawan is.  Many people say that Coron is different from El Nido and I have put it in our bucket list.  I kept on delaying going there because it's too costly to go to Coron (most of the time Coron isn't included in the airfare promos).  Good thing that Globe My Business gave us a travel voucher as a gift during Mother's Day.  The travel voucher can be used in any destinations.  I originally wanted to go to Taiwan but Kib doesn't want to go there.  He said that he misses going on local trips so I chose Coron.

To get to Coron, you must ride a plane landing at Busuanga airport or a ferry (2Go Travels).  From Busuanga airport, you have to travel around 20-30 minutes going to the town of Coron.  Coron is just a small town but it is rich in history.  It played a big role during World War II.  A lot of Japanese warships sank around Coron Bay.  I think one reason why there were lots of action happened there during World War II is because it is near Manila Bay and there are lots of small islands where Japanese warships can be hidden temporarily while planning for an attack.

Tricycle is the main transportation in Coron.  For a regular fare (if you will get on and get off the main road), fee is Php10, but if you need to go to other areas, you have to pay Php15-20 depending on the distance.

Here are the things that we did during our three-day holiday in Coron:

1.  Walk around town.  Since our hotel is near the town proper, it is easy for us to walk exploring the different places in Coron.  It is easy for us to find a place to eat too.  We had been to San Augustine Parish Church, Coron's Municipal Hall, Lualhati Park, souvenir shops along the main road, Mt. Tapyas, ate at Lolo Nonoy's, Island Boy Grill, Sharky's, The Buzz, and Pedro's Gelato.  There are lots of uphill roads on Coron Town so better prepare yourself for hikes.

2.  Hike at Mt. Tapyas.  It was named Mt. Tapyas because a missle hit a portion of the mountain during WW II which created a crater on one side of the mountain (tapyas is cut in English).  It consists of 721 steps going to the top to get an overview of the whole town and the islands surrounding it.  It is best to go there before the sunset so that it is not too hot anymore.  Make sure to bring water when you go up Mt. Tapyas, you might get thirsty and tired.

3.  End the day at Maquinit Hot Springs.  Ideally, go there after your hike at Mt. Tapyas or if your island-hopping activity ends early.  You have to rent a tricycle to go there (Php400 per tricycle).  Roads are a bit bumpy going there.  Maquinit Hot Springs closes at 8pm but you can still stay up to 10pm.  It consists of saltwater as it is just beside the bay.  There is no shower area there, so just bring clothes for changing and just take a shower at your hotel.  Since this is a hot spring, make sure that you do not have hypertension or any other medical condition which might trigger upon dipping at the pool.  Entrance is Php200 per person (discounts apply to younger kids and seniors).

4.  Go island-hopping.  What is Coron trip without exploring the neighboring islands and lakes?  There are different island-hopping tours offered in Coron, but if this is your first time to go to Coron, better to avail of the Ultimate Coron Island-Hopping Tour package.  It includes: Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Siete Pecados, Coral Garden, Skeleton Wreck (where you can see one of the many Japanese ships that sank during World War II), CYC beach, and Twin Lagoon.  Going to the lakes also requires you to exert physical effort (swim, climb, walk) too.  Life vests are available so you don't need to worry about drowning.  Tour guides are also trained in swimming and providing basic first aid.

5.  Eat lamayo.  Lamayo is semi-dried and marinated fish.  This is different from the dried danggit from Cebu.  What makes it different is that in lamayo you can still feel the meat of the fish while the dried fish from Cebu it's totally dry.  My son and I enjoyed eating lamayo, however we were not able to bring home some because we don't have any check-in luggage.

There are still lots of things to do in Coron that we were not able to do, like going to Culion (former leper colony), Calauit Safari, Calamian Group of Islands, shipwreck diving, Malcapuya Islands, and a lot more!  You can avail of these tours once you're at Coron (there are lots of travel agencies there and their prices are almost the same) or pre-book it together with your hotel and airfare.

Here are some travel tips and essentials when you go to Coron:

1. Waterproof bag.  Bring a waterproof bag as there is a need for you to swim from point A to point B.  You don't want your mobile phone, wallet, and camera to get wet.  

2.  Snorkeling gear.  Some people are a bit hesitant to rent, so better to invest on them.  You can buy at Decathlon Philippines.  

3.  Water tumbler.  Let us minimize our waste by bringing our own water tumbler.

4.  Sunscreen.  Do I need to say more?

5.  If you have waterproof camera, better!  No need for you to worry about water damage.  You can also take amazing shots underwater too.  I won't advise you to put your mobile phones or non-waterproof cameras in a plastic case as it may get ripped or shatter upon impact.

Put Coron in your travel bucket list and enjoy nature and history with your travel buddy!

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