Advantages of Online Counselling

By Mommy Donna and Kib - January 19, 2019

Online Counselling--therapy sessions for people who are on-the-go

As you know, I am very passionate about taking care of our mental health.  Especially with the increasing number of suicide and mental breakdown cases, it is quite alarming and an action must be done in order to keep each and every one's sanity intact.  The passing of Mental Health Law in the Philippines shows that there is hope in alleviating mental disorder cases in the country, however, it will take years to iron things out in stabilizing the mental health of the Filipinos.  There is a call to upgrade facilities, to increase the number of mental health practitioners, and to pharmaceutical companies and mental institutions to make mental health care affordable and within the reach of many people.

Since mental health facilities is scarce and for you to avail of its services you have to travel far, have you thought of undergoing online counselling instead?  It may sound weird but I must say that it works!

I have been doing online jobs for almost 11 years now and I can say that it made my life easy, doing things remotely.  I was able to expand my network virtually too.  It also helped me look for other opportunities and learn new skills.

You may find it weird that I'm talking about my online job and my title is all about online counselling.  They're quite related to each other because of the word "online".  And yes, counselling can already be done online!

Before the uprising of the digital age, counselling can be done remotely via phone call.  I once called a hotline during the time that I really feel so low about my ex-husband.  I must say that it helped me a lot in making myself better because I know that there is someone on the other line who is listening to each and every word that I say.  

Now that we have other options on availing of counselling services, we don't have any more excuses of not getting that kind of service.

Still having thoughts on getting online counselling?  Here are the advantages:

1.  Online counselling won't take much of your time.  Since this will be done online, you don't need to take a leave from work to attend to your appointment with the counsellor or therapist.  The therapist will be more happy to adjust to your availability.  In addition to that, you don't need to allot time for travel going to the therapy center.  Online counselling can be done at the comfort of your home, or in any place that you have internet access (of course, you don't want to be talking to your therapist while you're inside the subway or walking on your way home).  Find a quiet place where you can talk to your therapist in private.

In addition to that, you also have an option whether you want to do the counselling via video call, chat, or exchange of emails.  However, I would recommend that you spend one day to talk to your counsellor via video call so that you will feel that there is someone listening to you.

2.  Online counselling is more affordable.  Yes, you read it, it's more affordable.  The charges for counselling doesn't include rental for office space.  In addition to that, you don't need to spend money for travel (e.g. gasoline, fare, toll fees, etc.).  Since there is scarcity of counsellors or therapists, most of their offices and centers are far from your place, so online counselling will really work for you and the counsellor.

3.  Online counselling also gives the same quality of service to their clients.  Some people thought that online counselling won't be as effective as the face-to-face interaction with the therapist/counsellor.  In online counselling, you are still talking with a certified therapist so there is no need to worry about being fooled.  The therapists won't risk their license or reputation in providing a low-quality service to their online clients.  Rest assured that these people will also provide the same kind of service to their offline clients.  You can also make a feedback to your therapists if you think that there is something lacking on the service that they have provided.  

I do believe in the quality of online counselling, as I am also an online worker.  I know for myself that I deliver quality results so I guarantee you that online counselling will work for you.  Don't worry, you're in the right hands!

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