Kib, the Happiest Kid on Earth

By Mommy Donna and Kib - December 10, 2018

I made a promise to myself that I will provide the best experience for my son.  

As a single mom, I have this innate desire to make family life a memorable one for Kib.  I have to work double time because I have to fill the missing pieces in his life.  Being a parent is the most rewarding job in the world, yet the most difficult one.  

The book, "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch is one of the books that I truly love.  It always makes me cry every time I read it.  It tells of a story of a son growing up and giving his mother a difficult time on a daily basis, but towards the end of the day, the mother would always sing a lullaby to her son.  When the boy became an adult, the mother would still visit her son at night to sing a lullaby.  The mother eventually got sick, and when she can no longer sing the lullaby, the son sang a lullaby to him.  

I wish that one day, my son would do the same thing to me in my old age.....

I always plan for something new to try and discover for me and Kib.  We would go to a new place, try a new restaurant, try an activity, among others.  I always go an extra mile for my son because I want to put good memories in his memory bank.  I want to build a strong bond with my son because it is only that he got in this world.

Every smile that he does is an affirmation to me that I did a good job as a mother.

For writing this blog post, I asked Kib for ten reasons why he is a happy boy, and here's what he said:

Why I'm Happy
(an essay by Jadan Kib D. Javier)

There are reasons why I am happy.  Some may be unusual, some may be common.  But if you want to read them, then let's go!

I'm happy that when I go outside I get to run and play street games with my family.  We would also occasionally go to the playground too.  That's Reason #1.  Reason #2 is that I seldomly go outside and see around the suburbs.  I also even go to the playground if I want to.  Reason #3 is the beautiful outdoor sights the Creator made for us.  There are the beautiful, muddy hills in Bohol, the sights that make you shout when you climb a mountain, and the romantic sunsets that are fitting in places like Venice, Rome, Hawaii, you name it.  Reason #4 may be unusual, but it's screen time.  But Reason #5 sounds fun!  It's fun because it's all about quality time.  You talk with your friends, hang with your family, study with your classmates, and talking with God.  Reason #6 is reading books like 1989 (George Orwell), Divergent Series and the Bible.  Isn't it reading both power and knowledge?  reason #7 is also unusual since I like to eat, but eating the Daily Bread is better.  Reason #8 is even much more unusual than Reasons #7 and #4.  This reason is me playing board games by myself.  Pretty weird, huh?!  Reason #9 is learning history, since you need to know the past, and understand the present.  Oh wait!  Did you know history means God's story?  "His Story"?  Wow!  And last but not the least is Reason #10, God!  He made you, me, the world, and every thing and every one!  That's all, and so may God bless you and see you!

Here are some photos to show the reasons he stated above:

Watching the sunset at Mt. Tapyas in Coron, Palawan
Enjoying the view at Bohol
Kib goofing around with his Kiddie Cuisine friends
Kib learning about history at National Museum
Mountain-climbing for the first time with friends

Playing board games

Reading his favorite books

Quality time with his favorite mom in the world in the happiest place on earth

Time with the Lord

I am so glad that my son helped me in coming up with the blog post on why he is a happy kid!

All photos above shows that indeed, Kib is a happy kid!  He is not afraid to show his best smile in camera.  I was able to give him the best experiences in life so he can have that smile on his face.  One of the things that gives him that confidence to smile is that he takes care of his teeth very well.

Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste is the premier kiddie toothpaste in the Philippines.  Its fruity taste makes brushing time a fun time for the kids and the mom.  No more dramas and more excitement as young kids look forward to brushing time as something that will help them to have that shiny smile and to prevent cavities from forming.

Watch this video by the Kramer family telling the importance of brushing teeth and how to prevent cavities:

Kib can give his widest smile on camera and to everyone he meets because he is confident to show his pearly white teeth.  His happy disposition in life also makes him smile everyday.  Kib grew up using Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste during brush time and he really had fun every time he does that.

Mommies and daddies, let's never get tired of making memories with our children.  Let us always go the extra mile for them.  Their smile tells a lot if they are having a wonderful childhood or not.  They are not ashamed of showing their best smile because they have lots of good stories to tell to others.

For me, my son is the happiest kid on earth!  Make your child a happy kid too!

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  1. I love the essay of Kib. He is indeed a talented lad.

    1. Thank you! Hoping that I would encourage him to write more and start his own blog, hihi