Have Any Concerns but Too Shy To Open Up in Person? Try Online Counselling

By Mommy Donna and Kib - December 24, 2018

Nowadays, the number of people needing mental health care is increasing, and the number of mental health professionals is scarce.  Because of this, the amount needed for mental health care is very high.  Sadly, a lot of people cannot afford to undergo mental health therapy due to its high cost.  In addition to that, people really do not know where to seek professional help, or in most cases, they are too scared to consult someone in person because they do not want to be judged or criticized.

I have been writing about mental health in my blog because this is one of my advocacies, to improve the mental health of individuals.  Even if we are surrounded by loving family and friends, sometimes they can be too subjective when it comes to your concerns.  They tend to be overcritical, saying that you are just overreacting to the situation.  

So, where will you go?

Good thing that there is an available help for those people who needs to be heard and understood.  Because of technology, the help that people need is readily available online.  If you are thinking of your privacy, rest assured that the online counselling that you will get will respect and protect your privacy.

Here are the five reasons why doing online counselling is much better than face-to-face counselling:

1.  It is cheaper.  There is no need for you to physically go to the office for a consultation.  It also saves time and operating cost on the part of the counsellor because there is no need for a physical office to do consultation.

2.  It is convenient.  There is no need for you to adjust to the availability of the counsellor and file a leave to go to the office for an appointment.  Since looking for a counsellor near your place is very difficult (most of the time their offices are located in business districts), doing online counselling is advantageous since you don't need to allot time for travel.  The counsellor will be the one to adjust to your availability.  In addition, since this is online counselling, you will be given options on how the counselling will be done (either thru video call, email, or text messaging).

3.  Perfect for people with physical disability.  Since there is no need to go to a center for a counselling session, people with physical disability won't have any problems scheduling for an appointment and won't have any difficulty going to and from the center. 

4.  Ideal for those people who have difficulty opening up face to face.  There are some people who are extremely introverted and having a hard time expressing themselves in front of other people.  Thru online counselling, these types of people won't feel pressure and anxiety to open up to an counsellor.  They will be able to pour out their emotions while protecting their privacy.

5.  It is flexible.  Just like what I've mentioned in number 2, there are lots of options on how to do the online/remote counselling, depending on the comfort level of the individual.  The counsellor may also suggest other methods so that the counselling session will be effective.  

Been doing remote jobs for the past ten years, talking to individuals online is very much convenient for me.  I would recommend people to try online counselling.  It may sound new to most people, but once you tried it and experience its advantages, you won't make any more hesitations on scheduling for another appointment.  You can try it here:  https://www.betterhelp.com/online-counseling/.  Where ever you are across the globe, online counselling is readily available for you.

Talking to a third party will really help you sort out our feelings and emotions, and I can attest to that.

May you live a life full of hope and positivity!

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