Authentic Taiwanese Dishes at Fat Fook Kitchen

By Mommy Donna and Kib - December 02, 2018

Kib and I like exploring new food in the Metro even if it is just a cheap food item or fancy.  We like queueing when there are promos and would just drive to a particular place just to satisfy our curiosity and cravings.

Now that Kib is into cooking, I told Kib that tasting local dishes from different parts of the country and of the globe should be included in our to-do list every time we travel.

Taiwan is known for its street food market scene.  Tourists all over the world who visits Taiwan would put on their to-do list to walk around the street food market and taste what the locals normally eat.  

But for us here in the Philippines, there is no need for us to go to Taiwan just to taste their local dishes!  

Fat Fook Kitchen offers authentic Taiwanese dishes and it just opened its 5th branch in Globe Tower, BGC.  Fat Fook Kitchen is owned by the same group that operates Ramen Nagi.  It is conceptualized by Rachel Kao, the executive chef behind Fat Fook Kitchen.  Ms. Kao is a Taiwanese by blood but raised in the Philippines.

The latest branch of Fat Fook Kitchen is just part of the restaurant's development plans for next year.  For the first quarter of 2019, Fat Fook Kitchen hopes to open two or three more branches.  Fat Fook Kitchen's first branch opened in 2016 at SM North EDSA.  

The name Fat Fook Kitchen is derived from Chinese words "Fa" which means gaining and "Foo" which means prosperity or auspicious.  When these two words are combined, it can be literally translated to "increasing luck".

Fat Fook Kitchen boasts of authentic Taiwanese cuisine as the owners regularly go to Taiwan to outsource some of the ingredients and check the latest dishes offered to the locals there.  The owners made sure that the dishes on their menu will be of great interest for the Filipinos.  They modified some of their dishes to suit the palate of the Filipinos.

Another interesting focal point at Fat Fook Kitchen is the overall ambience of the restaurant.  Its red and black theme with porcelain bowls and plates as decor adds up to the excellent dining experience of the customers.  The overall ambience is truly Instagram-worthy!

Check out the dishes that you can try at Fat Fook Kitchen!

Taiwanese sausage


Tofu century egg

Stinky tofu

Pork radish soup

Oyster misua

Truffle xiao long bao

Pork xiao long abo

Chicken chops

Fried pork intestine

Pork cuapao

Oyster omelette

String beans with minced pork

Spicy beef stew

Beef tendon stew

Taiwanese noodles

MInced pork rice

Spicy wanton

Spicy chicken chops

Chicken chops with mozarella

Fried chicken skin

What is Taiwan cuisine without milk tea?  Fat Fook Kitchen also serves authentic milk teas!

Fat Fook Kitchen will be serving new dishes before the year ends!  

What makes the BGC branch unique is that it has a take-out counter for your immediate cravings of Taiwanese street food items.

Kib enjoyed the food so much that he can't wait to go back sooner than soon!

Head on to the nearest Fat Fook Kitchen and satisfy your cravings for Taiwanese dishes!

Fat Fook Kitchen is located at SM North EDSA, Robinson's Galleria, Glorietta, SM Megamall, and Globe Tower, BGC.  For updates, follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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