Early Breast Cancer Detection is the Best!

By Mommy Donna and Kib - November 17, 2018

October was considered the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and there were lots of activities organized by different groups and companies to educate people on the prevention of breast cancer especially for women.  There is an increasing number of breast cancer cases in the country which causes concern in the medical field.  It is highly recommended that women should take precaution so that the breast cancer won't get worse.

Research done by Philippine Council for Health Research and Development revealed that one out of 13 Filipino women will most likely to develop breast cancer in her lifetime.  In addition, there are more cases of breast cancer in Manila than in other major cities in Asia.  Sadly, the presence of breast cancer cells are detected in its later stages (Stages 3 or 4).  When detected on its late stages, options for cancer treatment are fewer and leaving the family lesser time to explore other possible methods to kill the cancer cells in the body.  

Fujifilm Phiippines Inc., one of the most trusted camera and film brands in the world, echoes the call for regular testing for the early detection of breast cancer.  The illness is still the leading cause of death among Filipino women.

Tomoyoki Fukura, Fujifilm Philippines' President, aired his concern about the increasing number of breast cancer cases in the country.  "Even with all the advancements in the medical field, there's still no cure for breast cancer.  Early detection and prevention are still the key.  We at Fujifilm Philippines would like to appeal to women not to be afraid and have themselves checked.  The higher your risk factors, the earlier you should have a mammogram," Mr. Fukura stressed.

Getting a mammogram shouldn't be intimidating for women especially that the modern mammogram machines are equipped with tools to make the test comfortable, quicker, and practically pain-free.  Mammograms are still the best detectors of the presence of breast cancer cells in the body.

Most people know that Fujifilm is manufacturing cameras and film, the company is also into producing imaging machines used in medicine such as mammogram, ultrasound, etc. Recently, Fujifilm has developed a new technology for mammogram machine, which offers image quality, versatility, and practicality.  

For many years now, Fujifilm has been contributing to the early detection and treatment of breast cancer through the promotion of the Pink Ribbon campaign by directing women's awareness towards this cancer.  This October, Fujifilm PH partnered with Philippine Foundation for Breast Care Inc. in a breast cancer learning session with the media.

Check out the photos during the media briefing on breast care below:

Fujifilm Philippines can be our partner in taking care of our health!

For more information about Fujifilm and its digital mammography machines, visit http://fujifilm.com.ph and https://brand.fujifilm.com/neverstop/global/.

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