Coconut Water Delivered at Your Doorstep by Coco Delivery

By Mommy Donna and Kib - November 27, 2018

Coconut is considered as a tree of life.  All parts of a coconut tree are useful to humans.  Coconut is very much available in tropical countries like the Philippines and is one of the leading agricultural crops.  Since our country is abundant with coconut, we also export products made of coconut to other countries.

These days, people are now drinking coconut water more than the usual, recognizing its health benefits.  Coconut water is known to be packed with electrolytes, rich in potassium, and proven to keep the body hydrated to prevent common health problems like urinary tract infections and low body pressure, among others.  Because of this, there is an increasing need to purchase coconut water on a regular basis and on-demand.

Good news!  Coco Delivery is now in service to cater to your needs on drinking coconut water any time of the day!

Coco Delivery branch in E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City

You can't miss the E. Rodriguez branch because of its giant coconut display in front of the store

Inside the branch, very simple yet inviting

Coco Delivery comes in two sizes: 500 ml and 1 liter

Dial 8-COCO (2626) for delivery

Recognizing the demand of Metro Manila consumers to accessible fresh coconut water, Coco Delivery introduces a fast, affordable, and hassle-free coconut water delivery service that would bring Filipinos their favorite fresh coconut water drink right at their doorsteps.

What makes this delivery service special is that they do not charge extra for delivery even if you will just order one 500-ml bottle of coconut water!

Dexter Tan, Coco Delivery Business Unit Head said in an interview that Coco Delivery addresses the gap between consumers and access to fresh coconut water.  "Coconut water is usually only available in restaurants, malls, or from buko sidewalk vendors and buko cart peddlers in the morning.  We believe that everyone deserves to have access to this healthy and refreshing drink anywhere, especially in the country's capital," he added.

Coco Delivery comes in two sizes: 500 ml and 1 liter priced at Php65 and Php125 respectively.  Customers can place their orders by dialing 8-COCO (2626) or 0998-8452626 and 0966-2992626 on their landline and mobile phones.  Customers can pay either by GCash or COD (cash-on-delivery) for real-time orders or by bank deposit for bulk and pre-orders.

Coco Delivery services are open from everyday (Monday-Sunday) from 9AM-9PM.  The first two of the five branches in Metro Manila are now fully operational in Retiro and E. Rodriguez Avenue Quezon City.  Soon to open branches are in Maginhawa St. and BF Homes Paranaque.  

No need to hurry going to the grocery to quench your thirst!  Just avail of Coco Delivery services and your cravings for drinking coconut water will be satisfied!

To get more updates on Coco Delivery promos and offerings, follow their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.  You may also visit their website at

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