Kids did Food Experiments at BASF Kids Lab

By Mommy Donna and Kib - October 28, 2018

Kids are curious by nature.  They wanted to know how a particular thing works or what is the composition of something.  They like tinkering and experimenting so that they would understand better the concept behind the thing they are curious upon.  They like doing hands-on activities so that they will have an 'aha' moment once they have realized the results.  

Indeed, the best way to feed child's curiosity is through experiments.

BASF Philippines has been providing an interactive science education programs to children ages 8-12 thru BASF Kids' Lab.  BASF Kids' Lab was first held in BASF's headquarters in Ludwigshafen, Germany in 1997.  The said program has been brought to more than 30 countries worldwide including the Philippines.  BASF Kids' Lab has been held in the Philippines since 2005 and has already helped 3,000 children discover the world of chemistry in daily life and understand scientific concepts.

This interactive science education program focuses on fostering learning and interest in chemistry among children through safe and interactive science experiments.  

To mark the 20th anniversary of BASF Kids' Lab, "Clever Foodies" was the theme for this year's science education program.  This is in line with the United Nations' World Food Day celebration last October 16th.   This program helps boost children's dietary awareness and encourage them to make positive changes towards healthier eating.  

BASF Kids' Lab in the Philippines was held at The Mind Museum in BGC last October 19-21, 2018.  Around 450 children from various public schools in Taguig City and from Gawad Kalinga communities joined this year's activity.  These children explored and analyze the Vitamin C content and other substances contained in fruit and vegetables, and understand the benefits of eating a colorful range of vegetables and fruit.

Check out the photos from the said event:

Ready to do experiments!

While waiting for all participants to register

Kids are now starting with their experiments with the help of their mentors

Kids getting to know each other

Each kid got a set of test tubes, droppers, and beakers for their experiment

Which of these fruits have the highest Vitamin C content?

Testing which of these fruits and vegetables have the highest Vitamin C content with the strip

Kids recorded the results....and the winner is bell pepper!

BASF is a company which creates chemistry for a sustainable future.  In the Philippines, BASF has been enabling manufacturers from various industries since 1963.  At present, BASF Philippines, Inc. is the leading supplier of chemicals for industries including construction and coatings, automotive, health and nutrition, personal and home care, chemicals and plastics, and agriculture.  

BASF is an active supporter of education projects in the Philippines.  They just unveiled last September 2018 the Virtual Chemical Reactions Interactive Touch Table at the Atom Gallery at The Mind Museum.  The Virtual Chemical Reactions Interactive Touch Table uses digital stimulations, audio, and colorful animations to help children explore the world of chemistry so that they can observe the chemical reactions between various substances in a completely safe and interactive environment.

Interested in learning more about chemistry?  Join BASF Kids' Lab next year!

To know more about BASF Philippines, visit

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