Each Single Parent Has A Story

By Mommy Donna and Kib - October 14, 2018

No life story is alike, and that's a fact.

Single parents have something in common, but their story why they become a single parent is different from each other.  While some single parents are being admired for their choice on being a single parent, some experienced being judged by people who don't even know their full story.  

I was both admired and judged because I'm a single parent.  Before, I was careful on telling my story to others because I'm afraid that people will judge me for making the wrong decisions in my life.  I also want to protect my son from what will others say about our family background.  

For sure, single parents hear different reactions and opinions from people around them.  Some people expressed their admiration because they know it's tough to be a single parent, and some people that I have encountered are only after the juicy details of my life.  Some have expressed their genuine concern for me and my son, and some have judged me for taking the road less taken.

Some single parent's story has a happy ending; they are still in good terms with their partner or they were able to find love for the second time around.  His/Her partner can also be supportive to the needs of their child/ren and occasionally bonds with his/her child/ren.  On the other hand, there are some single parents who are totally abandoned by their respective partners.  No communication nor support at all.   

Each single parent dreams of having a complete family.  Each single parent wants his/her child/ren to be raised by two parents.  Each single parent wishes that his/her child/ren have a good relations with the other parent despite of living in a single parent family.  Each single parent wants the best family experience for his/her child/ren.  

It may sound ideal, but it doesn't always happen in real life.

It is so painful to hear by a single parent from what others think about his/her situation.  People around a single parent have always an opinion on how he/she must live his/her life.  People around a single parent have always something to say on how he/she should raise his/her child/ren.  People around a single parent have something to say on the kind of relationship he/she must have towards the absentee parent.

So many opinions, so many unsolicited advices, so many unwelcoming remarks.....it's really hard to discern the true motives of a person in your life.

I have come across this website where you can find articles about relationships, you may also wish to check it out because I find these articles helpful and informative:  https://www.regain.us/advice/therapist/.

To the single parents out there, whatever your story is, it's very unique for you.  Don't compare your life to other single parents there.  You're doing great raising your child.  Don't sulk if you don't have good relations to the absentee parent.  Stay focused on building a life together with your child/ren and always stay strong despite on what others think about you.  People will always say something about your life, just don't mind these people because for sure, you're doing something good to raise your child/ren God bless you always!

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