Shhhh! Parents With Infants Can Relate to the Latest Mc Donald's TV Commercial

By Mommy Donna and Kib - August 27, 2018

When Kib was still a baby, I remember the time that I was very quiet whenever I do things in the room while he was still sleeping.  I do not want to disrupt his sleep because it'll be very difficult for me to get him back to sleep.  He will cry incessantly asking for my attention so I will lull him back to sleep.

Those were the days....

The latest TV commercial of McDonald's reminded me of those days that I have to be super duper quiet when Kib was sleeping:

You can see the struggle of the young couple in moving around while they are trying to put their babies to sleep.  Sudden moves might wake the babies and will go back to Step 1 on putting back to sleep.  Ordering meals online is very convenient as they do not need to make unnecessary noise during the ordering process.

Who can relate to the latest TV commercial of Mc Donald's?

Parenting is hard, but getting hungry is much harder, hahaha....just order for delivery to satisfy your food cravings while taking care of your little ones.

Mc Donald's delivery is now online!  Go to to choose the meals you wish to be delivered at your doorstep.  You just have to pay additional Php49 for the delivery charges, no minimum amount for the delivery.  Their efficiency is as same as when you order thru landline.

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