First-Ever Refill Station of Home Essentials at Eco-Hotel

By Mommy Donna and Kib - August 23, 2018

Now that I am becoming very conscious of the household waste, I am now into search of alternative products that I can use which uses less packaging.  I am also looking for possible refill stations for the daily stuff that I use at home.  I really do hope that one day, we will be waste-free at home.

I felt sad about the amount of trash floating on the floodwaters during the typhoon last August 11th.  If only we knew how to minimize trash and to dispose of them properly, we won't be experiencing such harrowing experiences whenever there's typhoon.  I do hope that after seeing the amount of trash during flood, people will be more conscious of the amount of trash they throw anywhere and start living a zero-waste lifestyle.

Eco Hotel Phiippines is one of the establishments in the Philippines that is helping the country in minimizing waste in the country.  As a green service hotel,  Eco Hotels ensures that eco-friendly processes are implemented from construction to day-to-day operations.  This is aligned with its advocacy of minimizing its impact on the environment while imparting practices of sustainability to their staff and guests. Currently, there are 11 Eco Hotels all over the country.  

Last August 9th, Eco Hotel launched its refilling stations for household essentials which includes shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion.  The first refilling station of Eco Hotel will be at Spaces at Eco Hotel in Makati City.  

Each product has a shelf life of 12 months.  To prolong its shelf life, it must be kept in an area where there is no direct sunlight and it should not be mixed with water.  Each product has little alcohol on it to help in prolonging the shelf life.  The good thing about their refilling station is that they can refill ANY plastic bottles, not unlike other refilling stations that they only refill the bottles brought from their own stores.  Refills cost Php99.00 for every 200ml refill of any of the above-mentioned household products.  If you exceed more than 200ml, you have to add Php20 for every 20ml excess.  The refill station in Makati is open on weekends for now and every Eco Weekend Market happening every third weekend of the month in Containers by Eco Hotel in Makati.  In addition, should you decide to open a refill station in your place, they are also open for partnerships!

Sorry, Eco Hotels do not sell shampoos, conditioners, lotion, and bath gels in containers such as these.  Above photo is for illustration only to give you an idea how much is 200ml.

The proceeds of this cause will be used to purchase plastic crusher.

Let us save our environment by reusing the plastic containers in our homes, repurposing them, or bring them to the Materials Recovery Facility in our respective baranggays.

To know more about Eco Hotels Philippines, you may visit their website,  Follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates and deals.

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